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Questions about absoluteness, eternity and perfection of the Original Being

My websites: (in Polish) and (in English): and books on the analytical system essenceism were created to help people who are looking for themselves to find their greatest value, which is eternity and your own answer to the question of God's existence.

Religious denominations represent a God whose image often distances people from Him. God cannot be some being sitting above us on a great throne, because it is an inheritance from ancient religions. It also cannot move somewhere in space and look down on us. The image of God as the Ubiquitous Observer, Steward of our lives and the Great Judge, that is, the image that most religions present, is wrong in my opinion. Only the Creator God, who instilled in us a part of His Personality, and at the same time is "integrated" with the state beyond time and space, makes sense for educated people today. Thus, only a Creator who has His Law-making Personality and His "creative building block", that is, the Energy of the First Cause, has a chance, in my opinion, to be understood by people. I called this creator the Original Being. It is on this page that I wonder how to better understand our Creator, and even more how to understand myself.

By creating essenceism and then the theory of eternal existence, I came to the conclusion that we simply emerged from the Creator in the form of our spiritual personality and inherited His eternity. It seems that the Creator, having at his disposal Infinite Energy, which he was somehow able to transform into matter, had yet another more important purpose and a higher desire. Is it about a great need for love that he could not experience alone? Yes! This is what I want to suggest in my study.

So what will we answer from the people's side? How can the Creator respond to this need for love? I think our natural response should be love. In my studies, I often say that love must be learned. So, for now, I will briefly signal that every knowledge that teaches love and presents God as the Father of humanity, the Inexhaustible Source of Love and Laws and the Architect and Builder of the universe is a great support for people. That's why I want to do it in my lyrics.

To create a theory of eternal existence, I did not use any ready-made philosophical or religious systems, neither theism, nor deism, nor pantheism and any other "isms." I was not influenced by various theories about destiny, reincarnation, salvation or deification.

I built my views myself through a deep analysis of various historical events and certain events described in various holy books. My analytical system called essenceism serves this purpose. I asked myself all possible questions about matters that religions dealt with. Many hours of thinking, drawing new conclusions from the theories built, analyzing critical remarks from people with different attitudes towards me resulted in the development of views that I decided to put on paper.

It is the fruit of my whole life, especially over fifty years of active presence in the spiritual life of the surrounding civilization.

So, read what I have to say.

1. Who is God?


2. Where is God?


3. Original Being - In search of Infinity


4. God as the Center - God as the Center of the All Things


5. Personality of God - An image of God for man


6. God as the Creator - God as the Source of existence


7. God and science - God in the face of science


8. God as the Heavenly Father - God as a participant in evolution


9. God as the Source and the Beginning of All Things -


10. God's Heart - The Source of Love and the Beginning of Good


11. Gods - His features, attributes and qualities


12. The better understanding of Personality of God


13. The Original Power of Love of the Original Being

- the core of the Theory of eternal existence

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 The theory of eternal existence - (in English)