The better understanding

of the Personality of the Original Being

God knows no evil. I base this declaration on the statement that such an absolutely good and perfect Original Agent Being could not simply create it. Of course, evil cannot exist either in His Personality or in His conception of the universe.

Thanks to the complete separation of evil from the First Cause, we obtain a "Pure" Creator, that is, absolutely good and perfect Heavenly Father, that is, the Original Being.

All this serves to create a coherent and universal system explaining as many concepts as possible that make up the name essenceism. In this study with a great deal of subjectivism, I adopted the principle of maximum objectivity. I try to conduct it emotionally, although it is very difficult to use direct scientific methods in it. However, it is necessary to define it in a way that is based on a scientific model, so that it is neither theology nor philosophy. It is a field of non-physical research, approaching the concept of noetics, but in the sense of objective scientific research. However, I cannot present here a scientific proof for the existence of God and the spiritual world, because classical science, due to the lack of appropriate tools, cannot deal with such issues. But in a scientific way, I can present a logical way to understand the possibility of the existence of God-the Creator as a Original Being. That is why I have prepared a set of research tools which become the individual principles that make up the system of essenceism. They constitute a coherent and logical set of rules adapted to the study of phenomena occurring on the border of space-time and the sphere beyond time and space. The list of these rules and the basic principles and laws of essenceism will be provided at the end of this chapter.

In the field presented by me, I use not only the terms: infinity, non-locality, uncertainty, extraordinary, but also such as: omnipresence, extraordinary, otherworldly, spirituality, incomprehension and previously unused specificity. Some of them already have meaning in other areas of life, but I am redefining their scope in the concept of essenceism that I use.

On the Internet, in various circles of interest, at conferences organized by serious institutions, these topics can only be discussed within a given denomination, religious organization or philosophical trend. It is still difficult to find truly independent, free from established dogmas or not burdened with the current concept of research leading to the confirmation of the existence of a spiritual reality and God Himself. For this reason, it is not worth leaving them to researchers of known denominations, propagators of the idea of ​​religious sects with dubious reputation, or, even worse, religious fanatics.

Essenceism is also a system that examines the life of each of us in the dimension of eternity. It does not take into account any prejudices that arise from conventional wisdom.

In this text I use both the concepts of the spiritual world and the spiritual "universe", and sometimes I also use the term spiritual reality. Due to the non-physical nature of this reality, that is, its existence beyond time and space, it does not matter whether I use the name world or spiritual universe.

Why is this field of research so important? The answer should be very simple. If we understand that apart from our physical life, which lasts on average less than a hundred years, there is another part of our life in the spiritual world that will last forever, the answer is obvious. It is important to realize that our eternity in life is the most important to us. It is really worth finding out what laws and rules will apply in the next life. It should be everyone's need. Of course, to know something that is beyond time and space, you need to use tools other than those that we use to study phenomena in the present world. The reasoning should also be different. This is not typical scientific evidence, but a train of thought leading to the understanding that there is eternity inside and outside of us.

Therefore, for the purposes of all this work, I ask myself how this assumed Original Causal Being, or Initial Necessity, exists, which is the creative source of all things. As part of the answer to this question, there is a need for a starting point from which to start learning about something that exists beyond time and space, and someone invisible, more powerful than everything else.

This starting point, and at the same time the starting point for further steps, should be energy.

Energy is a quantity or state that does not quite conform to the laws of physics we know. It is about primordial energy, not yet converted into any other form. Scientists, unable to determine its original character, call it a peculiarity. You could say that because it is both a physical and a metaphysical value in the sense of what is beyond physics. This means that it is a phenomenon that functions both in space-time and beyond time and space. For science, we discover it only when it appears on the verge of the world of physics, as if out of nowhere. Then we get to know its advanced transformations in the form of nuclear, thermal, kinetic or potential energy. Only then can we speak of the existence of measurable energy in time and space. We can analyze it, measure it and convert it into other physical values. However, when we return to its original form, it slips out of control of existing research tools, because it behaves differently than all other typical physical quantities. It still remains undefined, even mysterious, as for example dark energy.

Scientists and theologians, even when they are convinced that the universe was made of nothing, argue that there must have always existed some laws, understood today as the laws of classical physics, quantum physics, and astrophysics, according to which the universe was formed. This contradicts the statement that the universe was created out of nothing, because something had to exist, that is, the laws or principles mentioned above. The existence of primary energy also seems logical. It can be identified with the chaos preceding the creation of the world, which is mentioned in many ancient sources. Anyway, the universe was created, it means there was a possibility. It may have been a function of an intelligent source that is the Original Being named in connection with the First Cause argumentation above.

By analyzing the origin of the universe and its subsequent expansion, we can see that it must have arisen from this initial indefinite energy, as well as everything that surrounds us. We are therefore dealing with the infinite and inexhaustible source of the universe from which it arose. This source, or energy in its original state, still eludes the laws of quantum physics and astrophysics, not to mention the fact that it cannot be determined by the laws of classical physics. It emerges from beyond time and space, a bit like the Big Bang, which supposedly was the beginning of the universe. When it exists as primary energy in the initial state, it fills both the space-time that surrounds us and the sphere beyond time and space. This is where my "metaphysical" thesis appears that it can be omnipresent and omnipresent, just like the First Cause we are looking for, that is, God the Creator. Can it be said, then, that primary energy is one of the basic attributes of the Original Being, i.e. the Great Architect, and testifies to His existence? Yes. That's how I understand it. Other basic attributes of this Being should be the original laws and principles that exist in Him. The latter necessity is necessary in order to be able to analyze his existence at all.

From that moment on, I call this primary energy the Energy of the First Cause and treat it as a creative building material derived from the Creator. This leads to the rational statement that God created the universe from Himself. Therefore, I give a definition according to which energy in its original state is the basic material of all things. It is, in my opinion, the only physical attribute of the Creator. I accept him as a researcher of the laws of the universe, a physicist and a rationalist. In this I see the proper beginning of understanding the existence of the First Cause.

The most interesting for a researcher looking for the existence of God is the boundary between the sphere remaining beyond time and space and the space of space-time, that is, between the immaterial and the material universe. On the other, unknown side of this border, there is the First Cause with all Its attributes, and on ours, all visible universe. In other words, humanity is on one physical side with its scientific research tools. So he sees everything one-sidedly. This is similar to the limited perception of the already mentioned Big Bang, which is considered the beginning of the universe. This theory of the cosmic beginning makes sense only in the event of the material world arising as a result. Meanwhile, it should concern two parallel realities: physical and spiritual. This means that from the point of view of an observer placed in a sphere beyond time and space, this Big Bang did not exist at all, because there are no specific places in this sphere, and time does not pass. So I am not arguing as to whether this great event happened at all or how it should be perceived.

For now, we know quite well what followed. However, we still have no idea what was before him, and science does not even try to ask itself this question, having only tools unsuitable for investigating the causes of this cosmic event. It is worth remembering, however, that people created science and do not always have to adhere to its limitations. Therefore, we can ask ourselves what was originally before him. The answer inevitably leads to the conclusion that the Creator has the primary energy that could have caused the Big Bang and that the decision to initiate it could have come from Him as well. If He did it, creating physical reality, He not only transformed Primary Energy into matter according to His laws and principles. He also had to transfer to the emerging universe the laws and principles inherent in Himself. Only by applying this perspective can we speak of the total participation of the First Cause in the creation of mankind.

In summary, Essenceism tries to describe the origin of the universe, taking into account both the latest scientific discoveries and its latest theory of creationism. In both cases, my system relates to a state where it all began in a process unimaginable to us. So far, science is making various hypotheses on this matter. Some astrophysicists believe that space-time arose from an original singularity, and others from a transformation of quantum space-time, perhaps resulting from the collapse of the previous universe. Thus, some believe that the universe arose out of nothing, and others that it is just another form of infinitely transforming universes.

Essenceism has a hypothesis about it. He claims that this phenomenon most likely comes from the "inside" of the sphere beyond time and space. This sphere is too difficult to study with current scientific methods because it is not directly related to the space-time of the universe. However, according to essenceism, its existence constitutes a coherent solution to the mystery of the origin of the universe.

Beginning in the first half of the 20th century, science used the latest technology to investigate the origins of the cosmos. She noticed that first there was some peculiar impulse that started a phenomenon called the Big Bang. It was a great discovery comparable to the discovery of the DNA code. The analysis of the very beginning of the existence of the cosmos continues to this day, and although science often "flexes its muscles", claiming that it has understood this initial peculiarity, modesty requires refraining from euphoria.

Both the point of view of science and essenceism predict that the phenomenon under study was a sudden emergence of a new reality. According to science, the so-called cosmological inflation caused the expansion of the elusive state of reality carrying with it all the energy of the universe, that is, the ordinary and the dark. This happened at a speed much greater than that of light, and at a time that was different from its current passage. Its course has stretched, a phenomenon we call temporary inflation. Therefore, it is worth understanding this event well. Since space was expanding at a speed much faster than the speed of light, time, according to Einstein's theory of relativity, flowed proportionally slower, or actually almost stood still. In this state, from a single point called the singularity, the fundamental form of the universe was suddenly born. This is how science explains the vision of the Big Bang it describes. From her point of view, it was an incredibly rapid expansion of an unfamiliar "environment". It could indeed look as if something suddenly arose out of nothing. No wonder that the fact of the Big Bang is still beyond scientific research possibilities. Essenceism confirms that it was an event that exceeded the hitherto image of mankind about the creation of the universe. It was even referred to as a kind of explosion, which gave rise to its popular name: Big Bang.

According to essenceism, we have a process that began in complete darkness to investigate. They symbolize a state beyond time and space that eludes all research instruments at the disposal of science.

My system explores the state beyond time and space from the very beginning. For its part, it wants to support science that can only deal with phenomena happening in the space-time of the universe. Thus, essenceism, without conflict with the results of scientific research, claims that at some point from one point, which was a "window" between two states of reality, the process of creating the universe took place. Figuratively, this initial state can also be imagined as an impenetrable "curtain" separating the sphere beyond time and space from the spacetime of the emerging cosmos. This means that on the "causal" side of this "curtain" we have a sphere beyond time and space, and on the "effect" side of the forming universe. The fact of the appearance of the above-mentioned singularity can be compared to the "keyhole" in the "gate" between the sphere beyond time and space presented by essenceism and the emerging space-time universe. This "window" or this "keyhole" deserving the name peculiarity is precisely this mysterious passage into the new reality. This transition must have released a pre-existing source of energy, because everything that exists in the universe was made of energy. Here is the fundamental difference between the theory of essenceism and purely scientific theories. Most scientists still claim that the universe arose from nothing, while essenceism represents the source of energy from the First Cause. This is why my system puts forward a thesis about the initial primary energy coming from the Original Being. At the same time, this transition took place according to specific laws of physics, both ordinary and quantum. So these rights must have existed before. Essenceism claims that their source, as in the case of primary energy, is also the Original Being existing in the sphere beyond time and space. It can therefore be said that through the infinitely small "isthmus" (singularity) the Creator poured into the forming space-time all the energy necessary for the creation of the universe.

For the sake of order, I present again the main assumptions about the First Cause, adopted by me in this study. All the topics discussed here are based on these assumptions.

First, God, whom I call the Original Being, is absolute, that is, he is completely independent, unconditional, self-existing, perfect, and therefore above all.

Second, it exists outside of time and space, although His action also has an effect in space-time, which makes Him ubiquitous.

Third, it is a Being existing from infinity to infinity, that is, eternal.

Fourth, it has the Physical Side, which is His omnipresent Energy of the First Cause, the inexhaustible "material" of all things.

Fifthly, His Spiritual Side is the Personality of Intelligence, Will and Affection. Omniscience, Goodness and Love as well as all the Laws and Principles that penetrate His Physical Side derive from these absolute and primary qualities. The Spirit side can also be called the Spirit of God.

Sixth, as the Original Being, he has the ability to create, that is, to transform His Energy into matter, which makes Him the proper Creator.

Seventh, he is not only the Initiator of the universe, but a further Source of its development.

Ultimately, God is also Heavenly Father, that is, the Creator of people who, according to His assumptions, should be in "His Image and Likeness".























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