Picture of the universe- Where is God?

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Often on the Internet is presented a graphical model of the universe constituting its history from the beginning to the present. Such a shape results not only from the Big Bang, which probably initiated it, but also from the fact that it is a so-called space-time, which is a three-dimensional area subject to time changes. Space and time interact with each other, shaping the universe. For us, they are almost imperceptible, although time flows inexorably. From the Big Bang, the implied beginning of the universe, it has already been around 13.8 years and this fact can be used to draw many important conclusions. Some of them may give us an answer to the question about the existence of God and the place where He is.

These problems are raised by my system, which is based on the analysis of the origin of the universe. I called it essenceism. In particular, it deals with the study of phenomena not only occurring in space-time, but also beyond, that is in the sphere beyond time and space.

Where is God then?

We are looking for the First Cause, or God, hereinafter referred to as the Original Being. In no case can He fit in the space-time understood as the current universe we study. The time has passed for God to be placed on the golden throne above the clouds, who reigns among the angels who play him with trumpets. After this medieval vision, the views that placed God somewhere in space, among the stars, also failed. Also the more modern explanation that God is everywhere loses sense in our time, because it cannot be demonstrated in any way, and most people in these times do not accept the dogmatic imposed act of faith.

In that case, the claim that God is everywhere, that He is invisible among us and that he sees everything, is only an act of faith. From the point of view of science, such a statement is incorrect, and from the point of view of logic, it is profoundly erroneous.

In this situation, one would agree with the claims of the representatives of science that God cannot be located on our Earth. However, it opens the way to locating Him in the sphere beyond time and space.

According to the claims of most scientists, the universe was once created, that is, it has its origin. And what was before?


Before that there was something that was difficult to define with scientific concepts. The Bible calls it disorderly and desolate, and claims that before the creation of the world everything was covered by darkness.

Approaching this situation within the framework of essenceism, one must call this unlimited and undefined "space" sphere outside of time and space. This means that neither time nor space structures exist. There are also no reference points, no distances and there are no physical phenomena. This is the sphere of eternity and infinity. Essenceism places there God-Creator, or Original Being, as a First Cause. This "place" harmonizes with His attributes because He is eternal, infinite and absolute. He is as if integrated in this sphere, because, according to essenceism, He penetrates it with His Personality. You can say that He is everywhere in it. In it lies His Energy of the First Cause and all His Laws and Principles. It means that the Creator - the Original Being – is completely occupied the sphere beyond time and space. From Him, everything comes from this sphere. From Him the universe was born, which in the figure below can be seen as emerging from the sphere beyond time and space, probably in the form of the Big Bang.

Czarny_z rysunkiem wszechswiata

Noticing the limited time of existence of the universe by discovering its supposed starting point has created a new direction in understanding the correct position of the Original Being. It was noticed that the phenomenon of the expansion of the universe and the fact that it began with a certain moment. It was therefore determined that this moment could be the Big Bang mentioned above. As a result, the universe was bounded by boundary conditions, and the concept of space-time was assigned to it. Even its duration from the initial state to the current state was estimated at about 13.8 billion years.

This situation entitles us to ask the first question: what was before the Big Bang and to the second: where is our universe? Against the backdrop of this situation, for the first time, the possibility of a logical imagination of the sphere beyond time and space, which could be a source sphere for the present time-space and which would house our universe, was created for the first time. It means the existence of the aforementioned source sphere from infinity to infinity, that is, being unlimited spatially and temporally in the past, in the present and in the future. This is exactly the case with the existence of the Original Being. Because He, as the First Cause, existed before the creation of the universe known as space-time. It can therefore be emphasized again that the sphere beyond time and space is its eternal, natural and perfect "environment" of His existence. This is His permanent "home" and there we can imagine Him as God who has always existed.

The above understanding of the simultaneous existence of two realities, i.e. space-time and a sphere unlimited by time and space, leads to the conclusion that our universe emerged from the sphere beyond time and space. In addition, it entitles you to state that even an infinite number of universes could have emerged from such a sphere. However, in order to stop the will to think too much, let us stay for now with our one universe that emerged from this sphere.

big-bang_2c_Gdzie jest Bog

God as the First Cause, or Creator of the universe, must have a Personality that is the source of all laws and principles, including Intellect, Will and Feeling - Its basic qualities. They should create a Personality Center identified with the colloquially used concept of the Spirit of God.

Summing up the above, I repeat the basic thesis of this study that the entire universe with all its material forms and various forms of energy is a creative transformation of the God's Primary Energy. At the same time, His Personality, whose attributes in the form of laws and principles permeate this Energy, I call the Spirit of God. The existence of God is thus connected with the sphere beyond time and space.













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