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God as the Source of existence


I am trying to describe God: step 4

Does God exist?

This question has accompanied mankind since the dawn of time.

If we answer this question with a positive way, then dozens of doubts await us, the most important of which is: how to state His presence? Further unknowns appear: did God create our big universe, and if so, how did He do it and why did He do it?

Then there are still questions about the meaning of timelessness and perfection, because only a perfect and eternal God (i.e. infinite in time from minus infinity to plus infinity) makes sense for a moderately intelligent man. In this way, for thousands of years we have been stuck among issues that have not been unequivocally settled.

From a scientific point of view, there is practically no chance of proving the existence of God. This is because we humans function in a three-dimensional space combined with a linear flow of time. We are still looking for a concrete Creator at a particular moment over the created world. At the same time, we are bound by the aspect of time that forces us to think that there is a beginning of the origin of the universe and perhaps a possible end caused by the decision of the Creator.  We treat all descriptions of infinity and certain cosmic phenomena as a "science-fiction" sphere that is not suitable for everyday life. The fact is that our language is adapted only to naming phenomena happening both at a specific time and in a specific space. Meanwhile, abstract concepts, for example love, beauty or thought, are simply marked with words for which no specific definition needs to be, although we all feel what is behind them.

In fact, everyone can understand the statement that God is everything in the universe, that is, the entire universe is His physical side, constantly pervaded by his Spirit in the form of laws and feelings. Quite unnecessarily many world religions treat this issue as a great mystery.  However, you do not have to look for it here. I would rather see the problem in the temporal and causal aspect.  The existence of God from infinity to infinity does not agree with our rational reasoning. We will always ask, since He actually came into being, where His Own Energy came from and when He began introducing His Intellect, Will and Emotion to it, thus creating the universe. It means that we are looking for some point of attachment or an eternal beginning. In turn, imagining such a beginning raises the question of what was before him, and this deepens even more the inability to deal with this topic. This is the situation that can be called a great mystery. That is why there is only human imagination, intuition or feeling that infinity or eternity is something that surrounds us, although it exists beyond time and space. If we could go beyond time and space in some inconceivable way, then our attention could be focused on eternity. Unfortunately, in the situation in which we live here and now, no logical proof for the existence of an omnipresent and eternal God can arise.  Therefore, in the face of something inscrutable and elusive one must ask oneself for feeling and intuition.

Among us there are still those who have never come to terms with the fact that it is impossible to prove the existence of God and continue to try to do so. On the other hand, many deep believers think that it is forbidden to define it in human words or even try it. Maybe it was once, but now someone is trying to do it, presenting new, new visions of God. It is certainly not easy, but it is good to continue to explore aspects of the Creator's personality and activity, because there are infinitely many of them. I am always interested in this most important aspect regarding love. I can conclude on the basis of observations of my life that one of the reasons for creating the world was the desire for happiness and joy of fulfilled love. I noticed that these desires are not only for us, but also for the Creator Himself. It results from the most important attribute of the personality of man and Heavenly Father, that is, from the heart, both His and ours. Aspects of love, joy or happiness as feelings that flow from the heart (ours and His), I will deal with it in many places of this study.

Having established the existence of God on the basis of similarities with man, I am building a thesis that He had in His Personality an infinite source of love (the aforementioned Heart), which contributed to the formation of subsequent stages in the creation of the universe and man.  The purpose of the love that flows from God was and is the joy of the arising creation, the constant progress in its development and the pursuit of perfection. This thesis is to help us understand the famous biblical statement that man was created "in the image and likeness of God". This means that we have a wonderful Original, which is the Creator Himself being an example of eternal existence and perfection. It also allows us to understand why the universe was created.

For this reason, it can be finally said that man is the reason for the creation of the universe, this physical and spiritual one. God could fulfill His greatest desire, the desire for love, only with a different, similar being. Therefore, man should be a reflection of God ("in the image and likeness"). Therefore, he should reach a perfection that allows him to be in full contact with God, while maintaining his individual character. I emphasize clearly that all people should be such perfect beings.

The creation of the universe consisted in the implantation of the Divine Spirituality into Energy being an externalizing material at the disposal of the Creator. It was like His Breath being introduced into the all-existing Energy.  Man's creation proceeded in the same way. It was then that the Creator breathed in the element of His Personality, it means the beginning of the spiritual person of man, into the already formed biological organism constituting the human body.

The creator is not only a living God (actively co-existing with His creation), but also constantly spreading and constantly creating new levels of development.  My belief in the perfection of God does not contradict it, because every level of development leads to perfection. This is how His creative activity works.

The each authentic creator links to his work with an inseparable bond. The more the author gets involved in his creative act, the more he is related to it. The most involved artist reflects in his work all his skills and emotions, just himself. In the case of God, his actions most often have the character of a creative process that affects the entire future. If He has already done something and decides that it is good, in this way He determines the state of perfection and establishes the binding norm. It is best to give it the name of God's Law written in large letters to emphasize its uniqueness and eternal validity. Throughout this study, I call God's Law what the Creator had given to peoples in the form of His Word, that is, content objectively reaching people through written revelations. We are to grow to perfection, multiply, transferring life from Our Father to our successors, and to manage the Earth in His name. God's law is also read out of the Mosaic Decalogue and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a code that should help us achieve perfection. In addition to this term, in my texts I use the concept of God's Principles. They mark the timeless state of reality which the Creator has shaped.  The rule, capitalized, is that God is the absolute, perfect and eternal. Among other things, it is also that man was created in the image and likeness of Heavenly Father, that is, His child. These Principles, unlike His Laws, are adopted intuitively, because this is how our heart and understanding of timeless values tell us.

Summing up the previous claims, we must admit that God is the most perfect Creator, Artist and Father.

It is also known that every creator should have the recipients of his work to feel joy from the achieved goal. It was to God that he "lacked" during the creation of his creation.  Only when he finished them did he proceed to the last act, that is, to create a human being. Of course, this was in His plans from the very beginning.  Before he had done this, he had everything, ruled over everything, he was subject to everything, but he was still alone. Only someone who would be equal to Him, of course on an individual scale, would be able to accept His work properly and enjoy it with Him. This someone God's plan is a man. We feel that love and joy should be eternal, just as God is eternal. Therefore, the full attainment of the goal of creation can provide the Creator only an eternal and perfect man - the child of God - an immortal partner in love and joy.  Is this it happened?  The answer to this question will appear later in these considerations.

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