Eternity in man

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Our second, eternal home

This is perhaps the most difficult subject of this study, primarily because it is very difficult to present logical evidence for the existence of the spiritual world.

The way in which I present my views on this subject is based on extracting certain logical conclusions from the laws and principles according to which the physical world was created and from the spiritual experiences of many people who discovered the laws of the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is an infinite sphere of life for all spiritual beings.

The spiritual world is not visible to our physical eyes, just as our thoughts and feelings and everything spiritual are invisible. But what fundamentally distinguishes our physical world from the spiritual world is time and space. In the spiritual world, time does not pass and there is no need to use it to move from one place to another, that is, to overcome space. Place is a point in space, and in the spiritual world the concept of place does not exist. There, existence has a different, eternal dimension and has no physical boundaries. For us, adapted to life in the spiritual world, it is unimaginable and therefore, to understand the functioning of the physical world, we need to change our "physical" understanding of time and space.

Therefore, in the spiritual world, everything is spiritually felt, not in a physical way.

Once the perfect world has come, every second in the physical world should be used to prepare your future "personal" spiritual world.

It is also worth considering what our "everyday" life in the spiritual world will look like. I used quotes in the word "everyday" because there is no concept of day and night, and the passing of time is not felt in an "earthly" way.

Before entering the spiritual world, it is worth as much knowledge about spiritual reality as possible.

What then happens at the time of physical death?

The answers to this and other questions are brought by the  following chapters:

"Man - separate category of being"


"We are not animals"


"Spirituality in man"


"Eternity in man"


"Man - an eternal being"


"Man in the face of all creation" - Man toward the All Things


"Man and other beings"


"Perfect world"


"Future vision of universe"


"The begining of humanity"


"Man in the face of death"


"Spiritual world - principles"


"The spiritual world at present" -


"The spiritual world - the background of conflicts" -














 The theory of eternal existence - (in English)