The theory of eternal existence versus theology

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The question about the relation between the theory of eternal existence and the mission of religion

The topics presented in this section relate to different religions, especially the Christian religion, and are intended to check how we understand particular concepts in this area of ​​life and what their impact on our daily lives is.

Our relationship to God should not consist in constantly checking that we have not committed anything contrary to His commandments, which causes us to feel remorse and feel like sinners. This checking most often results only from the existence of laws in various religions that try to discipline us to a specific conduct. I am not saying that religious commandments are completely redundant. In the rather bad reality that surrounds us, they can be guidelines for correct behavior (for example, forgiving others for their wrong behavior that caused us to feel hurt). However, all compulsions and orders only distance us from God, and especially weaken our love for Him. Meanwhile, God's love for us is unconditional, which I am trying to show in this topic section. The theory of eternal existence reminds us that the Original Being unconditionally conveyed His Eternity to every human being, making people eternal beings.

I would like to ask everyone not to pigeonhole other people. For example, this one is an atheist, the other is a Protestant, the other is a materialist, and yet another is an Orthodox Jew. Emphasizing such divisions immediately creates "walls" between people and prevents close ties between them.

Why do this?

After all, each of us is different. Everyone looks different, everyone has a different voice and in general, everyone is physically unique. We are even more different when it comes to our characters and feelings. So each of us is unique, inimitable and, as I stated before, one of a kind. What we have in common is that we are eternal.

Ideally, at the time of death, we enter a state beyond time and space with appropriate spiritual knowledge. By entering such a spiritual world, we will leave behind everything that is inconsistent with His original concept. This is because our Creator knows no evil. The basic knowledge should therefore be that our future "home" is permeated with the presence of the Original Being, that is, the absolute, perfect and eternal Creator.

We may not be concerned that each of us has our own unique idea of ​​God, our own understanding of His existence, and our own intimate relationship with Him. For the Creator, the otherness of each of us is precisely the goal of His Fatherhood. At the same time, our religion, nationality, race, education and various physical abilities do not matter to Him. In addition, the total lack of faith in God should not be something extraordinary, because such a state is part of this otherness of each of us.

For our Creator, only our love for Him and the will to be with Him for eternity are important.

When starting the analysis of the topics on this page, it is best to free yourself from all barriers created by our civilization, and especially by numerous religious views.

One exception is the analysis of the views and actions that Jesus Christ performed during His mission. They are a kind of key to understanding the process of freeing the world from evil. Unfortunately, from the point of view of science, religious evidence and documents that use religious beliefs are of very little value. This limits greatly to reaching the actual intentions, views and achievements of Jesus. This is a huge obstacle in the process of bringing the world to a state consistent with the concept of the Creator, i.e. the Original Being

On this page, there are several topics related to the results of research done with my analytical system called essenceism, which was used to create the theory of eternal existence. Here are some of them:

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