Knowledge about angels

resulting from the analysis of the essenceism system

for the theory of eternal existence


According to my analytical system called essenceism, which shaped the theory of eternal existence, angels were made to look after people. It concerns the development to the perfection of our spiritual life, so that we reach the state provided by the Creator, that is, guaranteeing us eternity. They are beings very similar to our spiritual persons. In the theory of eternal existence, I understand the divine angel as a spiritual being having the personality of a servant and remaining "in the service" of the Original Being. I use the religious name "angel" for these creatures, omitting the adjective "god" implicitly, which indicates that they are closely related to the Creator. In another case, I also chose not to use the term "fallen angel" for beings "in the service" of the former Archangel Lucifer, who, as a result of events at the beginning of human history, became Satan. I have analyzed this topic before in all my books on essenceism, especially in the third one with the subtitle "Evil is from this world". Before these evil beings, I use the term "demons" instead of fallen angels.

For centuries, the theologies of the Mosaic, Christian and Islamic denominations have created their visions of angels as beings serving God as the ruler of the world. In these religious descriptions they stayed with him in the so-called heaven. This approach has created the opinion that due to the closeness of God, they are higher in the "heavenly hierarchy" than we humans.

I do not know much about the "structure" of the angelic spiritual world, so I will focus only on the basic issues. The existence of several archangels, such as Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, not forgetting Lucifer, is described in the Bible. I accept this unverifiable information because there are no other sources. According to ancient descriptions, besides the archangels, there are a great number of angels. It seems that "ordinary" angels are destined to look after individuals, while the role of archangels is to carry out various missions related to all mankind. So we inherited from the Middle Ages a bit of a mythological vision of the so-called heaven. Besides, in most religions there is a tendency to create a fairy-tale image of the spiritual world, as can be seen in the case of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. That is why Christians, in reaction to Judaism, which was poor in this respect, created a mythology about angelic choirs, about golden trumpets on which they play for God's glory, and about a mystical circle surrounding the throne of God. Such a vision of heaven has survived to this day, and even replaces many people with the true picture of the activities of angels.

Angels, like spiritual people, were born by the Creator. In an earthly reality they should be seen as active assistants to each of us to help us achieve personal perfection. In this situation, the Original Being, existing in a state beyond time and space, does not really need angels to play trumpets and sing praises to Him. Logically judging, they do not stay with the Creator in a perfect spiritual world. They should exist in a spiritual reality called paradise. It is the sphere of the spiritual world that has been dedicated to the development of people to perfection from the very beginning. Its physical counterpart is the initial earthly reality, called in the Bible the Garden of Eden. This reality constituted our world before the events that introduced evil into our reality, that is, shaped hell on Earth.

I think almost all angels are our guardians who guide us through life. At its end, their role is to introduce us to the spiritual world. Then they can be called angels of death. I suppose they are still the same spiritual guardians we receive from God at birth.

Many people ask me if every person has an angelic guardian? I wish it were so; and maybe that's the way it is. For now it can be said that they were needed by the first man and the first woman who, unlike us, had no parents. Since they needed intelligent educators, based on the biblical texts, it can be assumed that they were looked after by angels led by the wisest of the archangels. Nowadays, everyone is raised by their parents, so people do not feel the need for their presence. However, my knowledge does not allow me to say whether there are just as many angels as there are people. It must be assumed that the spiritual world is governed by laws other than the physical world, and "earthly" mathematics does not apply to laws in the sphere beyond time and space. I suppose it is possible for an indefinite number of angels to interact with one person, as well as one angel to interact with a large number of people.

In an attempt to describe the angelic world, the theory of eternal existence argues that their emotional personality is at a lower level than that of humans, and that their knowledge and will, unlike ours, are strictly directed. An angel takes the position of a servant with whom love is properly realized on the level of fidelity. In appropriate proportions, they play the same role towards the spiritual person of man as animals towards our natural person. In our reality, an angel appears with man when he is needed, that is, when he is to fulfill a mission or help him. Very rarely, angels help our physical person, because for this they need the support of God's energy necessary to "become physical". Usually they help our spiritual person, supporting their functions of intelligence, will and affection.

An angel does not have a physical body and therefore has no senses associated with it. In our world, he cannot see, hear, taste, smell or shape by himself. Therefore, it cannot directly feel what our senses experience. However, when serving the spiritual person of a human living on Earth, he can equally use the "data" provided to him by a natural person who sees, hears and feels the physical reality that surrounds us. Thanks to the use of human senses on an equal footing with a spiritual person, an angel can therefore act as a spiritual guardian of man.

How does it work in a specific situation?

First of all, this angelic help must be wanted, because every person has free will and no angel will be our guardian "by force". In the concept of the Creator, man should occupy the position of the lord of all things and have power over angels, so people must first wish for their help. To this end, our "personal" guardian must be given a name to confirm the Lord-servant relationship established by the Creator. Only then, by using this name, can one address him with various requests, just as we address God. This is best done by saying a specific desire or by prayer. I well remember how my parents asked me to say the words of the prayer before going to bed: "Angel of God, my guardian, you always stand by me [...]". Then each of us has the right to give him an order, while he should not order a man anything. The best he can do is to warn him and try to get him to avoid danger. It awakens our original nature so that we know what to do.

Second, we must take into account that angels serve us for a specific purpose. It is the implementation of the plans of the Original Being towards people. From the beginning, their goal was to lead us to personal perfection. Despite the fall of man, this goal has not changed, although we cannot achieve it yet. Hence the conclusion that whoever works for the salvation of the world, should constantly take care of the spiritual support of "his" angel and all others.

Third, you must know that angels were created to do good. Thus, the wrong situation would arise if he induced man to act against God's Will. We call it temptation. It was the first time in the Garden of Eden. So it may happen that an angel who is subject to Satan will gain access to a man. We call him an evil spirit or a demon. Such a demon violates our dignity and tries to take over us. This is how evil arises, that is, a state contrary to God's law.

In the world under God's sovereignty, the help of angels in communication between God and people was to be a normal phenomenon. As I mentioned before, the Creator, when contacting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, used the services of archangels and angels, so this communication took place both in the physical and spiritual world. For us on Earth, the phenomenon of interpersonal communication is understandable. People have physical senses and various technical means to communicate with each other. Meanwhile, in the spiritual world, these methods do not work. This is where we can see the primary role of angels. They help us to establish constant mental contact with each other and, of course, with God Himself. In this way, they lead every person to achieve personal perfection. When this happens, their mission ends and people come under the direct authority of God.

In certain situations, a spiritual being such as an angel, constantly residing in the spiritual world, may take a material form in order to perform some activities in the physical world. It is worth knowing that to make a spiritual being, in this case an angel, physically appear, a huge amount of energy is needed to overcome the laws of physics. Only God has that power. Therefore, it is an action that is the absolute domain of the Creator. Without full interaction between the Creator and a particular being, no physical activity of anyone from the spiritual world can take place. People and angels can access God's energy only with the consent of the Creator, because they cannot overcome the laws of physics by themselves. God's original plan was that His children, upon reaching maturity, would have full access to His energies. They could then, while still remaining in the spiritual world, naturally become visible and have real contacts with people living on Earth in physical bodies.

It follows from the above that the scope of the "advantage" that angels currently have over man comes from the fact that the world did not come into existence in accordance with the Creator's concept, and people are far from reaching the level of personal perfection that belongs to His children. Unlike angels, they do not have access to God's energy or knowledge of the spiritual world. In this respect, it may seem that they are lower in the hierarchy of the spiritual world. However, this is only a temporary state, and the salvation of the world will restore proportions. Man was born as a child of God, his partner and as his "substitute". So the criteria for bringing people to life were completely different from what was the case with angels.










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