The evil

 - where does it come from?

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The meaning of themes about the origin of evil

This section will cover topics from a different perspective than in the previous section, in which the question was sought about who God is. Now we are focusing on the problem of the creation of evil and on the question of who Satan is.

In the previous section, I hardly took into account the current state of humanity and the existence of evil in the world. I took care of describing God and man without considering the "second bottom". In fact, this "second bottom" is a fact of ubiquitous evil in man and in the history of human civilization. Unfortunately, it must be said that in the entire state of all humanity is the only vehicle of evil. How did this happen? Where is the source of evil? In what world do we live now?

To these questions I am trying to find an answer in this section in the subjects:

The beginning of evil”,


Center of evil - Satan”,


A world without evil and the present world”,


End of the world”,


God and the present world”,


God does not know the evil”.










 The theory of eternal existence - (in English)