Current state of the spiritual world

How the spiritual world cooperate with the physical world


At the beginning of this chapter, I return to the actual description of the current state of the spiritual world used in my studies.

Using "religious" terms, the essenceism analytical system prepared for the theory of eternal existence a vision of the present state of the spiritual world based on the assumptions mentioned in the previous parts of this study.

First of all, in this vision the concept of the sphere beyond time and space is reserved for the primary spiritual world. It is the realm of eternity, infinity, and absolute freedom. There should be a state of perfect harmony between the Creator Personality and the personalities of other spiritual beings that derive from Him. This means that people whose spiritual persons have reached perfection, and therefore are fully in the Image and likeness of the Original Being, are to stay there. Needless to say, no spiritual person of a man who has already lived his earthly life is there yet.

In that case, it should be clarified that all spiritual beings, i.e. angels and spiritual people, freed completely from the influence of Satan, reside as if in the vestibule of the original spiritual world. This sphere can be called a paradise, or the spiritual state of the biblical Garden of Eden. This sphere of the spiritual world, according to the results of the analysis carried out by essenceism, was restored to activity by Jesus Christ thanks to his redemptive work of salvation. The Son of God caused that there are spiritual persons of people who have already passed their physical lives and freed themselves completely from the fallen nature inherited once from Satan. They are therefore active spiritual persons committed to the continuation of the mission of their Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Christian theologians limit the presence of spiritual persons in this sphere to the so-called saints. According to the analysis of essenceism, all those who want to actively cooperate with the Son of God enter Paradise. They are to help Him complete His mission, which is the full salvation of the world from evil and the removal of Satan from the position of the ruler of our earthly world.

In the next step, it should be explained where the overwhelming majority of spiritual people who have entered the spiritual world, which is not a paradise, are after their physical death. Using religious terminology, essenceism calls this sphere purgatory. It is the most "inhabited" sphere of the spiritual world, in which there are spiritual persons freed from the influence of Satan and his fallen angels. They owe this release to the Redemption accomplished by Jesus Christ, although most often their low level of spiritual knowledge prevents them from understanding their situation. Because of this, they feel confused and confused by their strange state, and in most cases try to continue with their previous life. Therefore, their main desire is to return to Earth to try to solve their affairs anew. This state of affairs led to the theory that reincarnation exists. The authors of this theory, however, do not take into account the proper mechanism of cooperation between spiritual persons existing in this sphere and people on Earth. This phenomenon has been called the renewed life of spirit people in my system. I will describe them later in this text.

The last sphere of the presence of spiritual persons concerns those who participated in creating wrongs that burden them, and even crimes against individual people or even against the whole of humanity. These spiritual people have a feeling of being in some tragic place from which there is no escape and where it is impossible to repair what they have destroyed. A similar condition accompanies suicides. All this prevents these people from shaking off the evil that is weighing on them. In this state, they can be completely influenced by evil spirits, that is, fallen angels, and even Satan himself. They can therefore be used to sustain Satan's rule on Earth permanently. This explains why the mechanism of evil has kept hell on Earth for centuries. Therefore, there is no need to look for a special sphere of hell in the spiritual world, since the bad reality permeates the original good reality of our earthly world. Therefore, it is worth considering the biblical record about "the casting of Satan and his angels to Earth", which supposedly took place after the fall of the first people in the biblical Garden of Eden. I remind you that essenceism constantly explains that we live in hell, that is, that the spiritual "ruler of this world", as Jesus himself said, is Satan.

These two above-mentioned states (purgatory and hell) create specific spheres of existence, the most "distant" from the original spiritual world, in which their Creator awaits people.

I remind you that the world is currently under the rule of Satan and no one can normally develop to achieve the level of perfection. In addition, a huge percentage of people on Earth do not accept this fact because they simply do not know about the existence of Satan. As a result, people do not realize how the spiritual world functions around them.

Many people treat the spiritual world in which spiritual persons and angels live as a fairy-tale world, a place where mysterious spirits, ghosts or wandering souls reside. However, the fact that similar fairy tales arose independently of each other in many cultures and civilizations certainly has its source in the existence of the spiritual world.

According to the theory of eternal existence, man is the only being in the universe that lives in two worlds: the physical and the spiritual. In order to live in the physical world, it must adapt to the existing laws of physics, biology, chemistry, etc. However, this adaptation does not only concern physical or biological conditions, but also social laws, traffic regulations or prohibitions of criminal law. Many people think that these laws exhaust the scale of dependence in their lives. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The laws of the spiritual world are as important as the laws of the physical world. Ignoring them can cause all kinds of suffering, illness, mental disorders and even death.

Everyone understands that ignoring the laws of physics, such as gravity or the effects of lack of air, can result in death, for example, from falling from a great height or from suffocation without being able to breathe. Similar results can be caused by ignoring the laws of the spiritual world, because our spiritual person is as delicate as a physical person. Sometimes provoking someone to maximum anger and upsetting them can lead to dire consequences. Also, extreme depression may contribute to someone's suicide. There are many examples, but most often, on a daily basis, we feel the effects of violating the rights of the spiritual world as a disorder of our personality in the form of stress, apathy or conflicts with other people. Therefore, it is necessary to better understand the functioning of the spiritual world, although it is not easy.

While communication between the two worlds in an ideal world should be very easy, it is negligible in our present reality. For many people, interaction with the spiritual world does not exist at all. This is easy to understand with so little evidence of its existence. Most often, we do not think about spiritual people living in that world at all.

Sometimes some adults try to describe to children the spiritual world as a place in heaven from where the dead look at us and see what we are doing here on Earth. For a child who has just lost a mother, or for an adult who has lost a loved one, such a vision of the spiritual world is very reassuring and comforting. We imagine that the person who has departed from us now looks out from behind the clouds, thinks about us and continues to support us in everyday life, just as every mother supports her child. Although this is a bit of a fairy-tale vision, it shows that somewhere deep in our hearts we are aware of the existence of something "above us".

Meanwhile, it looks completely different from the point of view of the spiritual world. The dead need us, we don't need them. People in the spiritual world who feel that they still have something to do on Earth know well that their only chance to fulfill these desires is the physical world. They want to go back there to finish their lives and make them more perfect. Therefore, it is fundamental for them to re-use life on Earth, which from the beginning was the only place in the Creator's plans for achieving perfection. Returning to life on Earth is a new chance, a new hope for all those currently living in the spiritual world. However, this has nothing to do with reincarnation. Rather, it indicates the fact that full salvation must first be accomplished on Earth, in our physical world, and only then in the spiritual world.

Of course, the mechanism of cooperation between spiritual persons of people already living in the spiritual world and physical persons of people currently living on Earth was not created for the salvation of humanity after the fall of Adam and Eve. The use of the physical body of a person currently living on Earth by a spiritual person who has already lived his physical life was a phenomenon originally intended by the Creator. He wanted all people, both those who now live in the physical world and those who left it, to participate in the development of the world on an ongoing basis and live together like a great world family. Of course, a spiritual person deprived of physical senses cannot do what each of us can do. For example, he cannot admire the beauty of the landscape by himself, because this landscape, along with all the changes taking place in it, can be seen only with physical eyes, and a spiritual person does not have these. The Creator, however, introduced the principle that a spiritual person other than his own could also use the physical body of a person living on Earth. The purpose of this was to enable all people who have ever lived on Earth to participate in the development of the world. Thanks to this, they could always be present in the world they met during their lifetime. I illustrated it in the previous chapter of this study, comparing the coexistence of both worlds to a football match.

So, how can spiritual persons from their world view life on Earth? To answer this question, let's return for a moment to the above-mentioned description of a football match. In our world, this match is watched not only by the fans sitting in the stands, but also by thousands or even millions of spectators who are hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from the stadium. These "distant" fans are not present among those sitting in the stadium's stands, and yet they watch the game with them. How is this done? Today, everyone knows that cameras have been installed in such a stadium, which, using transmitters in broadcast vans, transmit image and sound to the ether, using invisible radio waves. This is a typical media broadcast that allows viewers to watch something that is hundreds of kilometers away from them without having to be in a place where something is happening. It was invented by people, i.e. beings brought to life by the Creator. In that case, could God, incomparably wiser than man, not Himself create a system of "spiritual transmission" so that people from the spiritual world could receive the transmission of images from Earth? Of course he not only could, but he created it. Such "transmission" takes place through the ubiquitous spiritual energy, although its proper operation will be known only in the reborn world under the authority of the Heavenly Father.

I have already written about this mechanism of transmitting the state of the physical world to the spiritual world in the previous paragraphs. It can be said that our natural person is a kind of transmitter that transmits knowledge received with physical senses to our spiritual person. At the same time, as I described above, the knowledge from this "transmitter" can also be received by someone else from the spiritual world, but on condition that it synchronizes with a given physical person on Earth. Likewise, the receiver and the transmitter should be synchronized during normal radio communication. So I repeat the sentence from one of the previous paragraphs: The Creator wanted all people, both those who currently live in the physical world and those who left it, constantly participate in the development of the world and together constitute one, great, world family.

The Kingdom of Heaven was prepared so that people from the spiritual world could freely communicate with the physical world, of course with the one that the Creator had in his original plans. The physical world is beautiful, it is constantly developing and changing. People who passed from it to the spiritual world, most often have not yet managed to see even a small part of the most interesting places on Earth. In our world, there are also new, original works that are worth getting to know. In an ideal world, those who are already in the spiritual world can come back here, even if they have the opportunity to learn about many other interesting planets in the universe. Currently, however, the spiritual people of the dead, themselves far from perfect, if they wanted to return here, unfortunately, they have at their disposal the same bad living environment in which they were before, i.e. our hell.

In fact, in our fallen world one can attain a level of spiritual growth no higher than what Adam reached in the Garden of Eden just before the fall. It is, say, 60% of what the Creator has planned for us. If, after death, such a spiritual state of man is accepted by Jesus, then that person, if he so wishes, can go to Paradise after physical death. This is because Jesus Christ, the Second Adam, revived the sphere of the spiritual world, called paradise. He has the right and authority to introduce people to "His spiritual world". There are those who, through their faith, determination in spreading goodness and passionate love for God, deserve the possibility of continuing their lives in this sphere, that is, they have been completely cut off from the influence of Satan. It is currently the highest level of the spiritual world attainable, but not the highest at all. In this case, God "uses" Jesus, because He Himself, as the Perfect Original Being, can be fully associated only with those who have achieved 100% perfection, which allows them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is this last level of the spiritual world that is the highest. This sphere is still empty for the arrival of people.

As I mentioned before, the sphere of the spiritual world, called paradise, is subject to Jesus. All people entering Paradise become like new apostles of Jesus. They continue with Him the process of saving the world from Satan's hands, which is what Jesus and His disciples began to do two thousand years ago.

The Catholic Church appoints saints some of the people entering Paradise. However, he is able to elevate to the altars only a few of them, that is, those who during their earthly life especially attracted attention with their wonderful deeds. Of course, there are many more people who deserve the name of saints in Paradise, although in comparison with the number of spiritual people residing in the entire spiritual world, they constitute only a small percentage.

A slightly larger percentage of spiritual people lives in the spiritual world called hell. This realm is almost entirely subordinate to Satan and his evil spirits, the fallen angels. There are people who consciously created evil, with a complete negation of God and Jesus' efforts for the salvation of the world. This, of course, means that they are not benefiting from the redemptive work of Jesus.

Therefore, I must now explain the situation of these people. During their earthly life, they made a very small spiritual growth and were almost completely overwhelmed by evil, or negative forces from the evil spiritual world under the control of Satan. This group also includes staunch atheists, because they also end up in the sphere of the spiritual world under the control of Satan after death. In this sphere, individual people only realize after their physical death that they are eternal beings, which causes them great pain and regret for wasting their previous life on Earth. They especially realize that they cannot do anything to improve their lot. They depend entirely on help from "outside", or rather on one specific Person, that is, on the Savior. Jesus Christ, at the time of the Redemption, pulled from such a hell all those who lived before Him and were unconsciously manipulated by satanic forces. Meanwhile, 2,000 years have passed since the redeeming work of Jesus, and hell in the spiritual world was again filled with people who, with full consciousness, rejected God or allowed themselves to be controlled by Satan. They are used by him to spread evil in the physical world. Like fallen angels, they too can take over the lives of individuals and cause them to commit very bad deeds, including crime.

These two spheres of the spiritual world - Paradise and Hell - are characterized by the fact that you enter them definitively. In the first case, this means that spiritual persons entering Paradise constantly work under the patronage of Jesus, doing good for the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven. In the second case, those who fall under Satan's power are already working under his control to maintain his evil reign on Earth.

The largest zone of the spiritual world is this central zone, different from those, known in Christianity and Islam as purgatory. This is the vast majority, say 85% of the spiritual world, with incredible diversity and diversified activity. Most people enter this sphere after physical death, not counting those who end up in Paradise or Hell. People are stuck there on different internal levels, but it is not always being peacefully. The personality of a person entering the spiritual world does not change particularly compared to the personality he had during his life on Earth. This is still the same man. If in the spiritual world there is someone deprived of greater desires, reconciled with his condition and the fact that you just have to wait for salvation, then this passivity may remain indefinitely long. He will be like someone who has fallen into a deep sleep, unable to wake up from it. There is no contact with such a man and there will be no contact. People who are not at peace with their current spiritual state behave differently. On the one hand, they want to go to paradise, and on the other hand, they are harassed by the consequences of their mistakes, sins and wrongs caused to others during their earthly life. Since they have no physical body, they can neither change their past nor make any progress towards perfection. Because of this, they suffer a lot. That is why they want to use the physical body again, because only in this way, according to the laws of creation, can they fix something. In such a situation, if these people had a physical body at their disposal again, they could attain a higher spiritual level enabling them to attain perfection. Since they no longer have their own natural persons, the only hope for them are those belonging to people currently living on Earth.

So let's take a closer look at the situation of those people in the spiritual world who achieved a certain level of growth during their lifetime, then died, and now believe that they deserve a different fate, that is, a life in a higher than the present spiritual realm. Although the loss of the physical body has stopped their development, there is a way out.

Those in the spiritual world who are willing to continue their spiritual growth know that they are destined to achieve 100% perfection. Let's say they only reached 40% of this during their earthly life, which, according to my previous comparison, corresponds to a frequency of 40 MHz. On this "wave" they are ready to receive vital forces from a selected natural person on Earth, that is, having exactly the same level as them. Their thirst for growth is so great that they are able to "connect" to the corresponding level of the spirituality (frequency) of a physical person and use the flow of vital forces in an imperceptible way as well as the proper spiritual person of a given person. Man living on Earth does not feel this phenomenon, even in the case of a larger number of such "connected" spiritual people. However, this only happens as long as they are all in sync with our personality and pick up our vitality "on the same wave". The transmitter of a large TV station behaves in a similar way, the operation of which is independent of the number of receivers of individual subscribers. In a normal state, such a person on Earth can regularly replenish the lost energy, mainly thanks to food, and also thanks to the stimulating feeling of love, expanding his knowledge and experiencing good and beauty. Of course, some people, so-called spiritually open, may feel the influence of spiritual persons "connected" to them.

It is worth paying attention to yet another phenomenon that was misinterpreted by the creators of the reincarnation theory. After the death of a man, he is left with "homeless" spiritual people who during his physical life cooperated with him without conflict to take advantage of the benefits of his vital energy. As it is not difficult to guess, in the present state of the world it is impossible for a man on Earth to lead any of the spiritual persons cooperating with him to perfection. At best, he could enable her to make some progress in her spiritual development. The spiritual person of the deceased man and spiritual persons "connected" to him during his lifetime must look for his successor on Earth, with whom it would be possible to cooperate on the same "wave". Even though the new "earthly" person will also not provide them with perfection, the spiritual law requires them to continue to take advantage of every opportunity for spiritual growth. This mechanism causes a constant return of spiritual persons of deceased people to people currently living on Earth, which the reincarnationists interpret as proof of the correctness of their theory. However, I show that this phenomenon is due to the eternal laws of creation. It will continue until the world is fully renewed, that is, until the Kingdom of Heaven is established.

As people die on Earth, thousands of imperfect people are growing in the spiritual world with every second, especially in this central, largest sphere of the spiritual world, called purgatory. Statistically, there may be more than ten people in the spiritual world for one person living on Earth. In the vast majority of cases, there is an imperceptible synchronization between them. However, there are situations where the lack of this synchronization leads to serious problems. I will discuss this in the next chapter. Ideally, the Earth should become a place where everyone can achieve perfection in one lifetime as soon as possible.

The Earth is the only place where new people can be born, each time having a new physical person and a new spiritual person. Here is the fundamental difference between reincarnation and my explanation of the salvation process for mankind. Therefore, I say that proclaiming reincarnation is a mistake resulting from incorrect assessment of the phenomenon of interaction between spiritual persons in the spiritual world and people on Earth.

Meanwhile, from the side of the physical world, it is difficult to talk about any cooperation between the inhabitants of the Earth and people from the spiritual world. The vast majority of people do not notice it at all. And rightly so, because it is virtually imperceptible. This has been the case since the fall of the first people, after which Satan dominated the physical and spiritual world, taking the place of God. Then, through the efforts of numerous saints, prophets, Buddha, Muhammad, and most of all Jesus Christ, Satan lost his dominant position. However, this applies only to the spiritual world, in which only hell remained under his reign. Unfortunately, in the physical world everything is still as it was after the fall in the Garden of Eden. The physical world is still ruled by Satan, and Jesus' words that the world has an evil god are still valid today. Because of this situation, for us on Earth, there is something like a tight curtain between the physical and spiritual worlds. After death, people seem to disappear from our lives and leave only corpses. Even though we do not want it very often, they leave us forever. From the perspective of our reality, it is very sad. However, in the light of the knowledge of the original plans of the Creator, there should be no mourning after the passing of our loved ones to eternity in the spiritual world.

On the other hand, spiritual people from the spiritual world cannot communicate effectively with us on Earth. Even Jesus, although he has the greatest spiritual power and can penetrate the entire spiritual world, has very limited possibilities of interfering with the physical world. All the more, the possibility of contact of ordinary deceased people with us is almost completely impossible, because Satan exercises absolute power over his "territory".

The future task of people in the process of salvation is to change this wrong state, using the support of the spiritual world. This is a fundamental task for all religions.

Imagine that the salvation of mankind will finally come, and Satan will return to his proper role as an angel, a servant of man. Then people in the physical world will be able to grow to perfection without any obstacles. Also in the spiritual world, hell will cease to exist and millions of spiritual people, who have so far been under the control of Satan, will be able to start the process of individual salvation. Many very religious people think that when they are saved, they will automatically become perfect people. Unfortunately, that will not happen. If God has appointed earthly life for people as a path to perfection, salvation will remove only obstacles on this path. Hence, each of us, as it was originally prepared by the Creator, must positively use our life on Earth to come to Him.

Therefore, from the moment of salvation on Earth, the rapid process of salvation of spiritual people who have already lost their physical persons will begin. They will now be able to achieve perfection on the scale of one earthly life by using the appropriate physical person on Earth. Since everyone will achieve perfection this way, they will also do it. This is great and happy news for all people who have ever come into this world.

Finally, it's worth asking yourself a practical question. Is it worth believing in the existence of the spiritual world? Or otherwise: is it worth realizing the existence of the spiritual world? If such a world is a reality, the problem is precisely the realization of its existence. However, if there is nothing on the other side of our life, it becomes unnecessary to believe in it or teach the different religions how to prepare for eternal life.

What will we lose and what will we gain from realizing the existence of the spiritual world?

If after death we will face emptiness and nothingness, that is, the definitive end, we will not find out about it and we will not realize it. So it won't be a loss.

However, if after physical death we find ourselves in a different world, that is, in the spiritual world, for the unprepared it can be a great shock that makes it very difficult for them to find themselves in the new reality.

And it will be a big loss.

Some new answers are brought by the next chapters:

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