Spiritual world - the original state

Description of how the spiritual world is functioning


In this chapter, I enter a completely different reality than what we are used to. In the initial part of this study, I will understand the concept of the spiritual world as the existence of a primary state beyond time and space.

Formulating a proof for the existence of the spiritual world is not so easy. First, logical conclusions should be drawn from the laws and principles according to which the physical world was created. Then we should take advantage of the experiences of people who gave us testimonies about the spiritual experiences they experienced. After all, you have to be like a detective or an investigating judge who must put together a picture of the truth about the phenomenon under study from minor facts, sometimes from insignificant events and a few evidence of the existence of something elusive.

The logical conclusion from these analyzes should be the statement that the spiritual world is a spiritual reality intended for life for all spiritual beings. It should be not only our ultimate goal, but the most important part of our eternal life, something like our own peaceful home forever, infinitely.

While the physical world is known to every person, the spiritual world is not understandable for everyone. It is as if separated from our reality because it has a reality of its own, different from ours. However, these two worlds in the original intention of the Creator were not to be separate spheres, as they are today. Their proper state is complete harmony and coexistence, which can be described as the initial reality. The spiritual world, from the earthly point of view, may in a sense be an "overlay" to the physical world, but an unimaginably larger "overlay" than the physical world. Therefore, it can rather be said that the physical world is a "pad" for the spiritual world. In this relationship between them, the spiritual world plays a definitely superior role, which I emphasize throughout this study. It should also be noted that originally the Creator's intention was for free energy and information exchange between these worlds.

Of course, the spiritual world is invisible to human eyes, just as our thoughts and feelings and everything of a spiritual nature are invisible. Time and space is what basically distinguishes the physical world from the spiritual world. In the latter, time does not pass in the earthly sense and is not needed to traverse space. While in the physical world a place is a point in space, in the spiritual world the concept of a place does not exist. Being in it has a different dimension, the dimension of omnipresence, which means that it is not subject to any physical limitations. For us, adapted to life in the physical world with numerous limitations, it is unimaginable. Therefore, to understand the functioning of the spiritual world, we need to change our "physical" understanding of time and space and the way our senses perceive this transcendent environment. This requires a special state of concentration in which we silence our physical senses and let our thoughts float freely.

Usually, it is difficult for us to imagine linear infinity, that is, to direct our thoughts into the infinite past or future. It is even more difficult to imagine the infinity existing on an unlimited plane, and the worst coping with the spatial infinity which is represented by the entire universe. The same problem arises with understanding the lack of passage of time.

As I indicated above, the world has no dimensions, structures or directions, apart from time and space, and time does not pass in it. This is the initial definition of the spiritual world. Meanwhile, we have to locate specific spiritual beings in this world, such as angels or spiritual people who have already finished their physical lives. The most difficult, if not impossible, is to locate God specifically in this world. The reason is His total omnipresence, both in the form of His all-energy, from which the physical universe arose, and in the form of His Spirit, containing all the laws and principles governing the universe. What is worth trying to find, however, is His Heart, because it creates a certain Center against which one can define one's "personal position", something like a feeling of his Fatherhood.

In various places in this study, I propose further ways of getting to know the spiritual world. I present one of them below.

Currently, well over seven billion people live on Earth and this number is constantly growing. If it is true that we all pass to the spiritual world after physical death, then over one hundred billion people live there in the form of spiritual persons, and this number is also constantly growing.

How do they live there? What are they doing? How do they recognize each other? How do they communicate with each other? Do they see God, angels, or maybe Satan and demons? Is Jesus Christ, Buddha, Muhammad or Abraham with them? There is no end to such questions. In this chapter I am trying to understand the functioning of the spiritual world as it should be originally, and only in the next one I will deal with the present state.

First, to make it easier, I will illustrate the coexistence of the spiritual world and the physical world in a simple way. I will use a comparison with a football match. Imagine that there are 22 players running on the pitch, and maybe a thousand times as many spectators sit in the stands, let's say 22,000. All these people, both on the pitch and in the stands, participate in a match. Although only 22 of them are playing football and the rest are watching it, they are actually all connected with the show. Those in the stands are passionate about the game no less than the players on the pitch and similarly identify with the current situation. This should also be the case for the world prepared by the Creator. We, who live physically on Earth, are the players. People in the spiritual world, although "sitting in the stands", can actively participate in the life of this world. The Creator also foresaw mutual communication between both sides. Of course, this is a picture of an ideal world.

During earthly life, the physical person and the spiritual person of a person constitute a united human person and it is difficult to perceive any duality. Meanwhile, although they constitute one personality, their roles are very different from each other. From the very assumption that the spiritual person is eternal and the physical person is mortal, their functions are differentiated. There is no doubt that the eternal spiritual person is more important because he is simply the right person. I am not diminishing the importance of a natural person. If it were not so important and necessary, the Creator would not have taken the trouble to create it together with the entire infinite cosmos. A physical person is absolutely necessary for human perfection. The Creator's plan was that the physical body, armed with the senses and the instinct of life, would be able within a short time, for example, within 70 years, to enable a spiritual person to gather all life experiences necessary to achieve full perfection.

Let us assume that a man on Earth on his way to perfection should gradually come to it on a scale from 1 to 100%. At each moment of this scale, both of us communicate with each other "on the same wave", which is similar to transmitting on the same frequency on a scale from 1 MHz to 100 MHz, as it is between a transmitter and a receiver. For example, halfway, or 50% of human development, they communicate on a frequency of 50 MHz. At this frequency, the spiritual person receives vital forces from the senses of the physical body, developing his wisdom, willpower, or affection to achieve a state corresponding to this level. This process continues until 100% perfection is achieved at 100 MHz.

Summarizing the above, I would like to emphasize once again that in the ideal world, that is in the world functioning in accordance with the Will of God, a physical person brings a spiritual person to full perfection, and then dies. A mature spiritual person, that is, the right person, continues to live in the spiritual world. This should be a fundamental life truth for all of us.

In the spiritual world, everything is felt spiritually, not physically. Besides, there is no function of direct physical contacts there, because the spiritual feelings fully cover the need for contacts between all beings residing there. Each situation is perceived spiritually, that is, with the spiritual senses.

It follows from the above that the Original Being is not an object to be viewed, but rather an omnipresence that permeates the entire spiritual sphere and the entire universe. A spiritual person knows the Original Being with his whole personality as a kind of warmth that permeates him, which is actually all-encompassing love. He also feels Him as a light of unprecedented intensity that permeates everything and brings awareness of all knowledge. After all, a spiritual person feels God as absolute peace that causes a feeling of eternally lasting good. At the same time, she gets to know other beings in the spiritual world with the help of the spiritual counterparts of the earthly senses. In identifying them, we can use a certain analogy with the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch known to us. So we can talk about seeing with the eyes of the soul, touching the intellect, the taste of eternity, the smell of good or listening with the heart. At the same time, due to the specificity of the sphere existing beyond time and space, they can be considered as one non-material sense.

These senses are fully operational in the spiritual world only after achieving the goal of creation, that is, after achieving personal perfection. However, since no one has reached this level yet, people entering the spiritual world today feel this all-embracing love, understanding of truth and awareness of good in a more or less limited way.

In order to become aware of our incomplete spiritual level available on Earth, I will compare it with the spiritual level presented by Jesus Christ. The Gospel texts describe the story of his 40-day fast and temptation in the desert. I make a reservation that essenceism treats the description contained therein as an educational message, which to some extent provides knowledge about the principles of spiritual communication. The Bible describes it this way: “After he had fasted the forty days and forty nights, he was at last hungry. Then Satan came and said to him, "If you are the Son of God, tell that these stones become bread." But he replied, "It is written, Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." Then Satan took him to the Holy City, put him on the corner of the temple and said to him: "If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, because it is written: I will command my angels about you, and they will carry you in their hands, lest you accidentally hurt your foot. against a stone ». Jesus answered him, "But it is written also, You shall not put the Lord your God to the test." Once again, Satan took him to a very high mountain, showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor, and said to him: "I will give you all these things, if you fall down and worship me". Jesus replied, "Go away, Satan! For it is written: You shall worship the Lord your God and Himself you shall serve ». Then Satan left him, and, behold, angels came and ministered to him ”(Mt 4: 1-11).

Jesus was the one who represented the high spiritual level attributed to the Son of God. As a result, he threatened the dominant position of Satan, because he remained in a condition suitable for the archangel. This was the extent that Archangel Lucifer might have had at the time of the fall in the Garden of Eden. People have never exceeded this range, because their bad "educator" prevented them from doing so. Therefore, a confrontation had to take place between the Second Adam and the former Archangel, which clearly showed the superiority of the perfect man over the wisest of the angels. Of course, in this confrontation, Satan physically took Jesus nowhere, neither to the top of the temple nor to the top of a high mountain. Jesus was in the same place in the desert. Satan only presented him with some of his spiritual visions, in which Jesus agreed to engage. In other words, they were like virtual illustrations or images of thoughts put into appropriate words, heard by the spiritual senses of both parties. This is how spiritual beings communicate, that is, angels and spiritual persons of people. Satan introduced Jesus to his vision, which he illustrated with the image of the top of the temple or the top of a high mountain. Such images similar to the reality known to us most appeal to the imagination of man currently living on Earth. In addition to proving the superiority of the Son of God over the fallen Archangel, the whole event in the desert is a lecture on the spiritual world. Above all, it brings basic knowledge about how to deal with this reality. From this knowledge, the following facts emerge.

First of all, in the spiritual world, we will not be able to change our spiritual level at will, because the whole process of growth should take place in the physical world, where ordinary food is needed. However, this is not the most important message Jesus wanted to convey to his disciples. It is of key importance to know that spiritual development on Earth requires, first of all, spiritual knowledge, love and experiencing good, and only to a limited extent, though necessary, physical food.

Secondly, it becomes clear that a person who is mature to the level predicted by the Creator has a higher state of spirituality than the angels. The Fallen Archangel carried Jesus to different places because he could do so. The mission of the angels was to serve and support the spiritual sons and daughters of God and to be their guides in the universe. Therefore, they should play a servant role towards a man, and not influence his thoughts, and thus also his behavior.

Thirdly, this knowledge brings certainty about the superior role of the spiritual world and its ability to dominate the physical world. When confronted with Satan, Jesus did not deny that he had the right to "reign" over the entire world under his control. We remember that on another occasion Jesus even called him "the god of this world." In this case, Jesus made it clear what awaits the "satanic usurper." Unfortunately, despite proving the superiority of the Son of God, Satan, as a spiritual being, can still rule over the world of people, surpassing them with his knowledge and power and cutting them off from the knowledge of the true spiritual world. Only the change of this abnormal state to the one originally prepared by God will allow people to dominate the angels. This will be done in the process of humanity's salvation. For this purpose, it is first necessary to develop an appropriate position of people towards angels in the conditions of the physical world, and only later it will start to be effective in the spiritual world.

Fourth, after Jesus' "duel" with Satan was over, angels who served Him appeared. By their attitude towards the victorious Son of God, they emphasized the higher spiritual level of Jesus. This is the level that every human being should aim at, so that angels can serve him.

Once the ideal world comes, every second in the physical world should be used to prepare your future "personal" spiritual world. Each person will be able to dream, dream and shape this eternal future. This is because its content is to be built in the course of earthly life on the basis of everyday human experiences, and then recorded in his inner personality, like a record on a video recorder. That is why the world around us, and especially nature, is so beautiful and diverse that we can draw content from it for future eternal life. In the spiritual world, we will definitely be happy if we accumulate the right amount of happy experiences from the physical world and the right amount of personal dreams. It is worth opening your memory now to assimilate your daily happy experiences on Earth, while at the same time removing bad experiences from your memory. We often dream about happiness lasting as long as possible. This is due to our primal nature, which is focused on constantly experiencing happiness. Earthly experiences should always bring us joy, but we know well that this is not always the case, as we live in a world that is far from what the Creator has prepared for us.

In an ideal world, the history of our physical life should be recorded every second on our "internal video recorder", although in the present reality only a few records are valuable. After the end of earthly life, this "recording" goes with us to the spiritual world. What we write ourselves and what will be available to us in other people's "good recordings" will together become a sufficient "virtual movie" needed to fill our eternal life in the spiritual world with content. Having the opportunity to experience what happened in the past, what is happening now and what will happen in the future anywhere in the universe, you can be absolutely sure that you will not be bored there. The world has always been interesting, it has always rushed with progress, creating an extremely interesting spectacle to which everyone should have unlimited access. That is why I emphasize once again that together with the Creator, our Father, we create one great and eternal family that can experience rich moments in an extremely beautiful world connected with our Earth. This also applies to the entire universe.

In the beliefs of North American Indians, there is a belief in the land of eternal hunting which is the subject of their dreams. They prepared their whole lives to be there, and they realized clearly that this was the most important goal in their lives. Also, many spiritual visionaries have explained to people that every moment in this world is a preparation for eternal life in the spiritual world. Many of us, at the end of their lives, sense that they have wasted them. Then he tries to correct his mistakes in order to have greater experiences of good, which will then be transferred to the spiritual world.

In addition, it is worth noting that in the ideal world, originally prepared by the Creator, only one sphere of the spiritual world was foreseen. Originally planned by Him, human life on Earth is sufficient to achieve personal perfection. In an ideal world, everyone will be able to accomplish this task. It is different now, but I will write about what it really is in the next chapter.

The Creator, as a good and perfect Father, wants to live forever with people, because they are His children. Therefore, a spiritual person must be eternal. Life in the physical world is for each one, in turn, a kindergarten, school and studies to obtain the final "diploma", that is, to achieve the level of personal perfection.

In the Bible, or rather in one of the apostolic letters, we find a significant sentence: "Neither the eye has seen, nor the ear has heard, nor the heart of man has understood what great things God has prepared." (1 Cor 2: 9). St. Paul was to direct our attention to the future life in the spiritual world. These words certainly refer to a wonderful, even unimaginable future after living on earth. At present, this vision is almost completely unknown, as it most often eludes our earthly imagination. Even thinking about her is underrated, though it would result in less fear of death. It is a pity that we do not see such an important element of our lives. Therefore, at the end of this chapter, I will try to briefly explain my vision of the existence of a human being in an ideal spiritual world.

After death, those who, while living in the physical world, have achieved personal perfection will be completely free and fully happy. This freedom will mean the possibility of getting to know everything that the Creator has prepared for people. The spiritual world is beyond time and space, hence the spiritual person of man will be able to freely traverse the entire infinite universe. She will be able to visit any place in different galaxies, in different star systems, where there are planets similar to Earth, i.e. with similar physical and biological conditions. Of course, this will also apply to our native Earth, when God's sovereignty reigns over it. There may be a huge number of such planets in the universe today, even though we know nothing about them. Logically speaking, these are places prepared by Heavenly Father for His children to live and develop forever. The energy from the Creator can enable "traveling" spiritual persons to become physical in any place in the cosmos, just on such planets. This physicalization, even for a short time, is necessary, because seeing and feeling the beauty of nature becomes possible only with the help of physical senses. It can be really fascinating. Therefore, in the spiritual world, we have an unimaginable possibility of experiencing experiences that we do not even dream about today. Therefore, it is worth adopting the words from the letter of St. Paul as a real promise that brings with it unknown experiences of happiness and joy. This is our future, and in my opinion, this is how the perfect universe will look, both physical and spiritual.

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