Spirituality in a man


Spritual side of man

A human body endowed with physical senses, or a physical person, is the most common means of transport and a mechanism for moving our inner personality in the physical world. This inner personality or inner being can be called a spiritual person and it seems that she is the right man. This fact is felt, for example, in the old saying: "here is no living spirit" to determine the fact that there is no one in the room.

This inner being inherent in us directs our lives as if the proper human being functioned within our physical body. That is why it is worth calling him a spiritual person.

Our "physicality" is actually a constant adherence to the laws of nature and social rights. Physical, biological or climatic conditions deprive man of freedom practically, though only in its physical sense. We need to breathe, eat, sleep, maintain the right temperature of the body, and also meet dozens of other conditions to stay alive, although we have to die eventually. There are also social, geographical and even political determinants. In general, we are not free in the physical world.

Meanwhile, man feels free. This freedom is of course in our spirituality and is the basic attribute of man. In fact, it is only our spiritual person who is completely free, and not a physical person. Fortunately, the spiritual person is the right man, because all our value lies in her. This is what distinguishes us from animals and what constitutes our humanity.

Such a realization that we are not animals, should lead everyone to understand other important facts, that is, to the reality of the spiritual world, and then to realize our eternity. Everything to become a real man. I invite you to share the true humanity together on the pages of this study.

The first step will be the theme: "Covering eternity in a man", the eternity that we carry in ourselves.







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