True Love from Jesus Christ

Although Jesus Christ is primarily the central figure of Christianity, he remains the great authority of love for most people on earth. It is a pity that Christianity has not better propagated this fact, rather than proclaiming its dogmas. Therefore, essenceism tries to show anew the vision of love presented by the Son of God.

While examining the accomplishments of the Son of God with the tools of essenceism, I could not take into account the fact that perhaps my conclusions would be difficult for many to accept. For centuries, the views shaped by religious leaders have prevailed in the social space. They were created in a bad reality that had nothing to do with the correct conception of the world from the Creator. Unfortunately, in reality subordinate to Satan, he managed to create such "concreted" views that it is difficult today to imagine their change.

Analyzing the spirit of Jesus' statement, one can come to the conclusion that his teachings about changing our bad reality have not been implemented to this day. This is primarily about understanding that in a world under Satan's control, love for another is the main method that can change human behavior. For example, recognizing the dignity of a child of God in man could lead to love any opponent. The same is true for unconditional forgiveness of wrongs suffered from other people. Although these conditions are difficult to meet, if the Christian religion really wanted to inherit the love of Jesus, people of faith should meet these conditions, or at least the leaders of that religion should do. But, this is not the case.

In order to read the teachings of the Son of God about true love, I decided to compare them with the qualities and attributes of the Original Being recognized by essenceism. One limitation of this analysis from the Christian side was that these teachings reached our time only as testimonies written with a great delay and in a language that Jesus did not use. They were also created many years after his departure. For this reason, they are difficult to accept by science.

An example of a phenomenon in this analysis is the problem of the forgiveness of sins. The Son of God, announcing the future Kingdom of Heaven, in which there would be only love, wanted to prepare people's consciences for this gift. In that case, thanks to the promise of God's Love, He could forgive our sins. It was not, however, an act of power, but an oblivion of bad deeds, so that only the good personality of a given person would remain. He even cited a parable of a father forgetting the sins of his prodigal son. On the basis of such knowledge, it must be stated that the process of forgiving sins by Christian clergy is of a completely different nature. It is connected with the act of their authority exercised, as they say, in the name of Jesus Christ. This creates a mechanism for enforcing a number of conditions combined with fidelity to the provisions of a specific religious association. "Educational" repentance is foreign to the spirit of Jesus' teaching. He explained clearly that the medicine for evil is love. Generally speaking, such behavior by religious denominations is contrary to the way He works.

Our love is a will-driven energy with some intellectual contribution. In the case of the Original Being, His Love flows out of Him as a stream of Energy governed by Will and Intellect. In other words, the flow of Original Love flows from His Heart, based on the perfect harmony of all His attributes. The Creator gave the whole process to people, so everyone should also do this for us. By knowing such a Pattern, we can understand that the man who achieves perfection inherits from the Creator His way of acting.

Jesus' behavior, guided by unconditional love, must have very disturbed the hierarchs of the time. They quickly realized that they were dealing with an extraordinary personality. In addition, they concluded that Jesus' views were so radical and so dangerous to their position in society that they decided to remove Him. Thus, the fate of his mission in the Israeli society was determined by the power of authority, not the power of love. After His reappearance in the form of a spirit person, the apostles understood the necessity of continuing to work for the salvation initiated by their Master's redeeming act. They became itinerant teachers of knowledge about the power of love that can fully save the world. They became globetrotters by my system. This name indicates that the continuation of the salvation of the world thanks to them was carried out through the individual transmission of the teachings of the Son of God, as if from "mouth to mouth". This is the best way to convey love: from person to person.









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