The role of love in human development

According to essenceism, the goal of humanity should be to create a civilization of love. It results from the sense of the existence of the Original Being. He shaped a living environment for us so that, in the conditions of the physical world, people could be satisfied with their personal perfection. When they achieve it, then in the form of a spiritual person they will be able to be partners of their Creator, staying with Him forever in a sphere beyond time and space.

First of all, personal maturity is acquired through knowledge of the created universe. The entire educational, scientific and cultural system should serve this purpose. Thanks to this, it will be possible to understand the enormity of the Creator's love, which he poured out on humanity. This knowledge can especially be felt by His Heart. Secondly, a state of greater personal maturity is also achieved by managing the state of nature and taking responsibility for the protection of important places for life on Earth. It is about creating more and more perfect solutions that will serve future generations. So do those who feel heirs to the work of the Creator of the universe. These are also those who are grateful to Him for the beauty of this world and want to tell Him that they love Him as their Father. Third, the key form of reaching maturity, and more precisely personal perfection, is the experience of childhood, marital and parental love. By actually experiencing these three types of love, people can achieve the highest level of affection that will enable them to be spiritually in harmony with the Original Being.

Children's love is a kind of "vertical" love, because it is directed at receiving it from the father and mother. It is best for the child to constantly absorb this love and soak it in it, because it is a necessary growth factor for the spiritual person of man. The child reciprocates this feeling, for example, through joyful babbling, spontaneous joy, exuberant play or obedience to those responsible for parental care.

Marital love is partner love, which is a kind of "horizontal" love. It is very important in the development of the spiritual person of every person, because it is a source of learning to serve another person. It teaches the balance between submission and domination towards the partner. It falls on the most absorbent period in human life and is to lead a spiritual person to the fullest possible knowledge of the rules and laws governing the universe.

Parental love is again a kind of "vertical" love, the main goal of which is taking responsibility for another human being. For the spiritual parent, this period means yet another level of development of human skills. It is about feeling towards nature that is subordinate to man, even in a limited scope.

Finally, I would like to add the love that comes from true friendship. It is worth striving for it, because childhood, marital or parental love focuses only on the family. Friendship is a form of love that connects different people. It is it who builds a proper social condition, and also the national and world condition. In this way, it makes us citizens of the world.







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