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Essenceism is a comprehensive analysis of phenomena concerning reality beyond time and space, leading to the discovery of the First Cause in it.

This is a website presenting extremely important topics regarding the existence of the First Cause of all things. Knowledge here posted is not a result of any visions or revelations. Its content is the result of a logical analysis of the present knowledge of the universe in the light of the latest scientific achievements, with special regard to information provided by both theoretical astrophysics and quantum physics. Of course, there are only the most important conclusions from the achievements of these sciences. The topics gathered here try to answer briefly the current questions regarding the identity of the First Cause and the existence of reality beyond time and space, commonly known as the spiritual world. There will probably also be further questions about the qualities of this First Cause called in this study the Original Being. Some people will also be interested in the answer to the question of who a person is. I will therefore try to answer all these questions.


Below is a list of all topics on this website!

(A short note about me - the author of this page - is at the end of this table of contents).

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Vision of the All Things - Essenceism


What is God?

0. Introduction - Who is God?


1. The Original Being


2. What is God - Nature of God


3. Where is God?


4. How to imagine God?


5. The First Cause


6. The Creator - The Original Being


7. God’s Omnipotence - the Energy of the First Cause


8. The Universe “stuck” in The Original Being


9. God’s Perfection


10. God - Absolute Goodness


11. God - His terms and attributes towards His possibilities


12. The religious visions of God


13. God does not know evil


14. The most important questions of knowledge about God


 Invitation to the essenceism

0. The concept of essenceism


1. The beginning of essenceism


2. The tools or the test instruments of essenceism


3. Main principles of the system


4. The assumptions and thesis of essenceism


5. Goals of essenceism


Essenceism - description of the system

0.  Essenceism – What is?


1.  Essenceism - What is not?


2. Essenceism – Where do we live now?


3. Essenceism - My reality analysis


4. Essenceism – Vision of the All Things


5. Essenceism – the space-time and what is beyond of it


6. Essenceism – peculiarities and necessities


7. The full vision of reality


8. The understanding of God’s presence


9. Essenceism – Principles and laws


Science and God

0. Introduction - Science and God


1. Between science and religion


2. God - the Original Being


3. Beyond the time and space


4. How the universe was created?


5. The space-time and what is beyond of it


6. Peculiarities and necessities


7. The beginning of mankind


8. The Bible for inquisitives


9. The miracles are or not?


10. Reason, knowledge or faith


11. Logical analysis of reality


12. Science and religion in face of phenomena of world


13. A scientist’s effort to help religion


14. Essenceism gives the the hand of religion


 Man and God

0. What are we living for?


1. Who is a man?


2. Where and how should a man live?


3. Man towards God


4. Original nature in man


5. Perfection for man


6. Man in next life


7. Fallen nature in man


8. Is there not God among us?


9. Man in the face of the fact that God does not know evil


10. Idea of the perfect world


11. Idea of one great human family


12. Personal proposal about vision of God


13. Creating imaginary gods


14. Summary about the state of humanity



0. Introduction - reality of evil


1. Essenceism as an instrument for analyzing evil


2. Moving away from good


3. Evil versus good


4. The origin of evil


5. Identity of the personal evil


6. Love and hate


7. Lie and truth


8. Position of people towards Satan


9. The way of Satan's rule


10 Understanding the current state of the world


11. Recognizing evil in our world


12. Consequences of the fact that God does not know evil


13. Black scenario for humanity


14. Black scenario in a different way


15. Why evil is so dangerous


16. Consequences of the existence of evil


17. The actual state of man


Analyses of reality

0. Introduction - Another reality next to ours


1. A brief analysis of the history of the world


2. A religious analysis of our reality


3. The spiritual world


4. The spiritual beings


4. The spiritual beings


5. Where do we live according to essenceism


6. A religious analysis of our reality


7. Behind the scenes of human history


8. Has the Creator’s goal been achieved?


9. The necessity to repair our world


10. Last Days and the End of the World


11. Conditions of salvation


12. Alternatives to a black scenario for humanity


13. Waiting for salvation


14. The fundamental role of an individual in communication with God


15. How to prepare the salvation of the world


16. The need to change the way religion works


 Ideas of essenceism - Philosophy

0. Ideas of essenceism relate to philosophy


1. Special idea of the Original Being in essenceism - (ontology)


2. General idea of beings in essenceism - (ontology)


3. Idea of cognition in essenceism - (epistemology)


4. Idea of value in essenceism - (axiology)


5. Idea of morality in essenceism - (ethics)


6. Idea of reasoning in essenceism - (logic)


7. Idea of beauty related to love in essenceism - (aesthetics)


8. Idea of nature in essenceism - (All-creation)


9. Idea of human origin in essenceism - (anthropology)


10. Idea of knowledge acquisition in essenceism - (methodology)


11. Idea of the existence of religion in essenceism - (philosophy of religion)


12. Essenceism towards idealism and materialism


 Ideas of essenceism - Religion

Essenceism speaks in the following ideas that theology deals with. Here are the ideas:

1. Idea of the Heart of the Original Being (aspect of ontology)


2. Idea of God's Laws (epistemological aspect)


3. Idea of the existence of good (aspect of axiology)


4. Idea of personal evil (aspect of axiology)


5. Idea of free will (ethical aspect)


6. Idea of Divine Providence (aspect of methodology)


7. Idea of responsibility (aspect of logic)


8. Idea of the Divine Mercy (ethical aspect)


9. Idea of Savior and salvation (aspect of methodology)


10. Idea of reincarnation (aspect of methodology)


11. Idea of duality (philosophy of religion)


12. Idea of the end of the world (epistemological aspect)


13 Idea of the perfect world (philosophy of religion)


14. Idea of the one great human family (epistemological aspect)


15. Idea of necessity to change knowledge about God (aspect of methodology).


16. God’s Providence and Salvation


17. Warming against the degradation of religion




Direct email contact:

or by mobile phone: +48 696 027 040 - Janusz Mazur

11._Autor Essenceizm

I begin the description of my search for the First Cause, search for the roots of the universe and the man himself. I do not want that it to be a religious work, but an research and scientific work at the level of a person who thinks logically and draws logical conclusions. These are the features of the researcher: logical thinking and drawing logical conclusions. That is why I am not ashamed to call my research as a scientific work. When religious themes appear, I will also have a research and scientific distance to them. Only after exhausting all known scientific knowledge and ending logical argumentation I will add emotional arguments, because even the most meticulous researcher is not just a soulless machine.

I spent most of my life solving various problems. I did it as a student, and then as a regular employee, engineer, businessman and scientist. I did it because despite my involvement in the usual everyday life, they did not give me peace of mind about existential questions: how I came from, what would happen after my death and whether there was some First Cause of all this?

That is why I devoted a lot of time in my adult life to participating in the activities of various religious denominations. It began with a few decades of friendship, still from the student period, with a famous Catholic priest-poet. Then came the time for short-term commitment to various smaller Christian denominations. During post-graduate studies I spent over three years in the Far East, during which I in practice learned the main religions of that part of the world. Finally, I spent many years on a large world religious movement, in which I became a missionary and with whom I traveled a part of the world. As a businessman, I have been able to visit the United States, African countries and Israel many times, where I also gathered a lot of knowledge about topics that interest me. When I got to know the mechanism of churches, religious groups and even sects, I decided to approach religious phenomena like a scientist. This last activity took me over ten years of work and continues.

At the beginning, I envied most scientists that they had specific research methods, tools, programs and analytical systems. They had their microscopes, chemical laboratories, hadron colliders and radio telescopes. In the meantime, I did not have any such tools at the moment, because my object of research was God, the spiritual world and non-material beings. For my research, I had only logical reasoning and testimonies of other people who had experienced various spiritual experiences, and then, when they understood them in their own way, they described them.

I decided, however, to use the experience of other scientists who, when they could not get to know their research objects better, created new tools for themselves, even at the cost of huge investments. This was the case, for example, with the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland or with the Hubble Telescope. I did not want my head to remain my only tool, so I created "virtual" tools and logical strings of reasoning to investigate phenomena with which mankind is struggling from the beginning. This is how my analytical system called essenceism was created.

The main object of my research was, is and will be God. I want to know who He is, where He is and how He works. This is the content of the larger part of my study.

Therefore, I start with you an interesting adventure regarding new searches of the First Cause, or discovering the roots of the universe. Read these texts to know more about God, about yourself and especially about your eternal future...


Please see my books about the Essenceism sytem:

1. "Essenceism 1 - God is not from this world" - scientific understanding of God

2. "Essenceism 2 - We are from this world" - understanding of man towards God

3. "Essenceism 3 - Evil is from this world" - understanding of evil

4. "Essenceism 4 - Vision not from this world" - understanding of world

5. "Essenceism 5 - Eternity is not from this world" - understanding of eternity

6. "Essenceism 6 - Unreal gods from this world" - understanding of religion











































 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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"Essenceizm 1 - God is not from this world"

"Essenceism 2 - We are from this world"

"Essenceism 3 - Evil is from this world"

"Essenceism 4 - Vision not from this world"

"Essenceism 5 - Eternity is not from this world"

"Essenceism 6 - Unreal gods from this world"

"Essenceism 7 - Love from this and not from this world"- this publication later