Science and God

Nauka i religia

In this study, I do not deal with any version of the "imaginary god" proclaimed by many religious denominations and philosophical systems. "My God" must be more "scientific". Unfortunately, science, unlike theology and philosophy, did not include God in the scope of its research. For obvious reasons, it could not do it. I, however, making a breach in its rules, decided to take care of God, called Him here the Original Being.

There are three important problems for science that we have been struggling with for thousands of years. It is about the problem of the creation of the universe, the phenomenon of the appearance of life in it and the existence of a man in the environment of nature. These three issues come within the scope of the creative work I have discussed, made by the Original Being. Of course, theology views these themes differently than science.

The dispute is whether, in view of the above theorems, one should accept the point of view of science or treat it only in terms of faith. From the point of view of quite a few scientists, religious belief is abstract and illogical. For them, it is an act of uncritical acceptance of an image of a non-existent reality that people accept in an unintelligible way. Indeed, religious faith is most often irrational. It sometimes serves to satisfy certain needs regarding our desires or dreams. The most strange thing for science is that religious faith, though illogical or sometimes absurd, is accepted by people. By joining the above dispute, I would like to contribute to change both the attitude of scientists and followers of various religions.

I am speaking in the first part of this study about the origin of the universe and life. The topic of the beginnings of humanity, or the existence of a man in the universe, will be discussed even more thoroughly in one of the next chapters.

In this section I will address the following topics:

0. Vision of the All Things - Essenceism


1. Between science and religion


2. God - The Original Being


3. Beyond the time and space


4. How the universe was created?


5. The space-time and what is beyond of it


6. Peculiarities and necessities


7. The beginnig of mankind


8. The Bible for inquisitives


9. The miracles are or not?


10. Reason, knowledge or faith


11. Logical analysis of reality


12. Science and religion in face of phenomena of world


13. A scientist’s effort to help religion


14. Essenceism gives the the hand of religion


15. The full vision of reeality











 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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