The space-time of cosmos and what's beyond of it

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Defining space-time indirectly allowed to define the sphere beyond time and space.

Namely, the space-time of the universe, coinciding with its existence, has its origin in the form of a putative Big Bang, which in the figure is shown as a conical element beginning the formation of the structure of the universe. We have the current state after 13,8 billion years on the right side of the drawing.

The beginning of the universe appeared at some point, as if out of nowhere. However, this could not be a phenomenon of an explosion known to us suddenly and without reason. It was created in a sphere beyond time and space, in which there are no anchoring points and where time does not flow. I would call this phenomenon an implosion (the reverse of the explosion), a result of a precisely defined and deliberate transformation of the praenergia existing before in the sphere beyond time and space. From that moment on, this primary energy was constantly transformed into matter, building gradually the expanding space-time of the universe.

It should be added that this universe existed, creating at the same time the beginning of time. It is also important that it arose in accordance with the pre-existing laws not derived from the same time-space, because it was not yet. These laws must have existed previously as an unspecified legal singularity. It was also a way out of the state of extremely high temperature of the original state of primary energy.

You can illustratively depict the universe as a structure emerged from the sphere beyond time and space, and now “floating” in it. This is the best way to imagine the present state of all things. The entire structure, called the space-time of the universe, is surrounded by a sphere beyond time and space, which in the above picture is a black background for her.

This state shows us the existence of an infinite, infinite and eternal source sphere towards the material universe. I identify it with the First Cause of the universe depicted above. This is how my basic claim arose that Original Being, who is the First Cause of all things, is directly present in the sphere beyond time and space. After His creative act, He is also present in our space-time, but only indirectly through His laws and principles and through His primary energy.










 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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