The necessity to repair our world


What I do in my books begins with the thesis that the Original Being with the attributes I defined created the universe according to His concept. If His qualities are indeed as described in the essenceism system, then His concept of creating and functioning of the world is so perfect that it is out of the question to correct it. The Perfect Creator cannot modify His work due to inappropriate behavior of people and angels, including because of the evil they have created.

The world created by the Original Being was given over to the people under the angels' support. It is people and angels who should bring the world to the state of the Kingdom of Heaven. This has been the case from the beginning and this is also the task for us and them now. Therefore, restoration of this state is the responsibility of men and angels, because it was they who spoiled the good situation and through them a world incompatible with the concept of the Creator was created. This should be clear to us all.

It is worth constantly reminding about it, paying attention to the fact that God will not make this repair (salvation), replacing people and angels. Otherwise He would have to admit his mistakes; for example, to give people free will. Religions needlessly wait for Him to do it for us. You can be sure that evil will not be eliminated from this world in the form of the Last Judgment imposed by the Creator or some end of the world. It will never happen. Such reasoning results not only from ignorance of who the Original Being is, but also from powerlessness in the face of existing evil. This powerlessness has been "produced" by various religions, which it is convenient to remain as long as possible at a high level of social trust. It provides them with a high standard of living, no worries about their daily existence and high moral authority. However, this is a road to nowhere, because in this way they provide Satan with eternal dominion over people. Meanwhile, according to essenceism, the task of religion is to constantly prepare the conditions for the birth of the Son of God, who alone can eliminate Satan.

God's Grace and God's Mercy have nothing to do with it. It's just invented by Christian religious forms of escape from responsibility for the future of the world. This is a fundamental error of these religions. All Christianity makes a frozen souvenir of Jesus Christ. It stopped among dogmas instead of developing the world together with His teaching. He is still waiting for God to send Jesus to us again to carry out the Last Judgment and complete His mission 2000 years ago. Hence, we must constantly remind Christians that God cannot clean up our moral dirt or remove evil. He doesn't know evil. Nor can He take away our free will by doing something for us that we supposedly did.

To sum up, in my studies I am only trying to suggest ways to restore the world to the state predicted by the Creator, at the same time pointing out that it must be done by people led by the Savior accepted by them.







 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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