Has the Creator's goal been achieved?

Cel Stworcy

If there is a God whose Christianity has called the Heavenly Father, His main goal should be that all people should form one great family. That means He can live with all His children for all eternity, regardless of the time in which they were born.

The following points specify this concept of the Creator.

1. The Creator was to achieve His goal by giving to every human being, that is to every one of His children, an eternal spiritual person, constituting the one and only personality of man.

2. Conditions created by Him should enable each person to reach perfection during one earthly life. From this it follows that the entire universe is to serve the above purpose. In particular, this applies to our Earth.

3. God's laws and principles described in this book create the phenomenon of Divine Providence. It is a form of Heavenly Father's care for His children. It is also a signpost of the right direction of development, the introduction of which ensures that only one reality functions from God, that is, good. The operation of his providence is needed especially now that, contrary to his concept, another reality, or evil, has been created.

4. The creator introduced the principle of cooperation between spiritual persons of people who have already gone through earthly life and are in the spiritual world and the people currently living in the physical world. This principle has existed since the beginning of the world. It serves to realize the plan created by the Creator concerning the entire universe. In the present situation, it can be helpful in the process of salvation.


The above conditions have been fulfilled by the Creator. However, this did not happen on the part of man. As a result of not fulfilling these conditions, evil appeared, that is reality outside of God. That is why people and some of the angels, despite being descended from Him, have found themselves outside of Him.

Therefore, the question posed in the title should be answered negatively. The Creator's purpose has not been achieved.









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