The concept of essenceism


At the beginning I want to point out that I am a researcher looking for answers to the most important questions about all humanity. I need some help, but above all, friendly cooperation. I would like to broaden myself in the global exchange of scientific views. In my case, these are the views that theology has dealt with so far, and now science should finally be addressed. I think so.

For many years I have been listening to the statements of scientists that science cannot study the existence of God because it has no appropriate tools. I accepted this fact with understanding, until I decided to create such tools myself. As I realized, long ago people thought that knowing the cosmos, staying in it and traveling interplanetary are impossible. However, the subsequent development of civilization resulted in the creation of appropriate tools for getting to know and acquire the cosmos. Optical telescopes, telescopes, probes, ships and space ferries appeared, as well as many systems allowing to investigate the origins of the universe and its current state. Aware of the possibilities of the human mind and an example of the courage of scientists, I created a logical system of "tools" adapted to exploring the possibility of God's existence - the First Cause and the sphere beyond time and space, or the spiritual world. This system is essenceism.

Many years ago, scientists from various universities and institutes created the Internet to share knowledge at the global level. It has greatly improved the development of science. It also led to the spread of knowledge and information on an unprecedented scale. Now it is possible to share knowledge about God, about the spiritual world, about the spirituality existing in man, regardless of different religious doctrines.

The world's major religions resemble ancient mythology to some extent, because they are full of old beliefs, legends and traditions. Their content is determined by various revelations, visions and, most importantly, imposed dogmas. Most often all these phenomena are contrary to the achievements of science. This means that they are guided by faith alone, without a logical analysis of what has been presented for belief. Often the rules of conduct imposed on the faithful contradict common sense and even reject evident scientific evidence. It is good that less and less supporters of this type of practice gain. Thanks to the development of theoretical astrophysics, quantum physics, molecular biology, supramolecular chemistry and other new branches of science, we can renew our views on the most important phenomena regarding the origin of the universe, the emergence of life in nature and the existence of man. Also, thanks to the developed tolerance towards the views of other people, today you can be an unbeliever or express independent opinions on topics that have hitherto been the domain of religious denominations. Today, views contrary to the doctrines and dogmas of recognized religions or the so-called revealed truths are rarely fought off.

In this study I am dealing with the logical and objective analysis of the concepts that theology has dealt with so far. That's why I wrote about the need for friendly cooperation with other researchers on similar topics. I have noticed that many people have certain experiences and experiences about spiritual phenomena, while I am often at the theoretical level. Religion, and sometimes even science, make many mistakes from the point of view of sound logic and rational thinking. That is why I conduct my own research and carry out logical analyzes of concepts that go beyond the phenomena of the space-time universe. This is what this text and my website has in essenceizm.

It is also worth to look at my other websites:, where there is a wider study of topics treated here only briefly.

I also deal with this subject in the form of a scientific book - "The Touch of Eternity" available on the Internet as an eBook.

Janusz Mazur.


In this section we have the following topics:

1.  Essenceism – What is?


2. The beginning of essenceism


3. Tools of essenceism, or test instruments of this system


4. Essenceism - Pinciples of the system


5. Assumptions and thesis of essenceism


6.  Goals of essenceism


7.  Essenceism - What is not?


8. Full vision of reality


9. The understanding of God’s presence













 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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