Essenceism – what is?

ESSENCEIZM - Czym jest

(It is a logical system for the study of phenomena beyond time and space and the phenomena resulting from them in the space-time of the universe in order to understand the existence of the First Cause of all things, that is, the existence of the Original Being and its effects. Essenceism can be called the theory of existence.)

First: Essenceism is a new concept, used only by me so far, meaning an analytical system based on logic, and intended to study singularities beyond time and space in relation to our reality. It is about the analysis of non-material phenomena, called spiritual, in order to put them into a uniform theory understandable in the material world, i.e. the theory of existence.

Secondly: Essenceism is a system that describes the existence of a sphere beyond time and space from the point of view of an observer placed in space-time. More simply, it can be described as a system of learning about the spiritual world by a person living on Earth in the physical world. In the first place, this system presents certain rules and laws that allow us to understand the existence and functioning of phenomena beyond time and space, because we usually encounter the uncertainty of most concepts from the point of view of someone who lives in the physical world. However, from the point of view of an observer beyond time and space, essenceism can be an objective plane for understanding all the phenomena of the universe around us.

Thirdly: The main impulse that triggered the development of essenceism was to think beyond time and space. This approach was caused by the fact that physicists determined the state of space-time, i.e. simply the fact of the existence of the universe, and additionally at a specific moment in time. This gave the right to ask what was before its creation. This, in turn, imposed the possibility of analyzing the concept of a sphere beyond time and space, i.e. the state before the occurrence of space-time, that is, the state in which time does not flow and in which there are no spatial structures. It is about the possibility of the functioning of an unlimited reality, as if an infinite and timeless state of existence.

Fourthly: Science has no research instruments to study this state beyond time and space, that is, no scientific tools that could prove its existence. So far, scientific research instruments have been adapted only to the space-time in which we live. Therefore, there was a need for research instruments to study the state beyond time and space. This is what the principles of essenceism and its research instruments serve.

Fifth: This system clearly indicates the existence of an Initial Necessity in the sphere beyond time and space. This leads to the definition of God as the First Cause or the Causing Original Being, i.e. simply God the Creator.

Sixthly: The indication of the above presence of the First Cause called the Original Being allows for the foundation of the fundamental assumption that the source of everything is the Personality of the Absolute, Perfection and the Pre-Beginning of everything. In principle, this Original Being has always existed, that is, from infinity. It will also last forever, that is, infinitely. Thus, essenceism presents the One, Personality of Godhead, remaining in a sphere beyond time and space, with basic qualities such as Intelligence, Will, and Emotionality. The main attributes of God can also be described as absoluteness, perfection, and eternity. I check every view, theory or theorem in relation to the attributes of the Original Being described above.

Seventh: This system analyzes the functioning of the laws existing in the physical world in terms of finding their equivalents in the spiritual world. Although this analysis concerns two different "environments", one in space-time and the other in a sphere beyond time and space, some conclusions can be drawn about principles operating in a sphere beyond time and space inaccessible to us. We rely on the principles already known to us that exist in space-time, believing that they have the same origin, i.e. the Original Being. Both these legal spheres shape the universe and the man living in it. This means that they are to ensure the perfect functioning of the mechanisms of space-time and the transition of people from it to the sphere beyond time and space after they achieve the state of personal perfection.

Eighth: The system obligatorily performs a logical analysis of religious concepts based on the latest scientific achievements. This particularly applies to the possibility of a God inextricably linked to the function of the Creator. When looking for facts that testify to his creative presence, knowledge from theoretical astrophysics and quantum physics may be useful. By accepting the Active Observer-Creator, it will be easier to accept the necessity of His existence as the Effective Cause of the existence of all things, that is, the Original Being.

Ninth: In essenceism, the First Cause, or God, is not an object of faith, but a logical necessity. This is due to the rejection of the idea that the universe was created out of nothing. In this situation, without recognizing the Creator as Necessity, we would be helpless in the face of the existence of the universe, and especially in the circumstances of the creation of matter. The same is true of the existence of life. In this case, the presence of the Creator is also a necessity. Of course, the system checks by logical analysis how the Causal Being could actually create the universe, life, and most of all people.

Tenthly: An additional impulse for the emergence of essenceism was the conclusion coming from human intuition that there should only exist such a First Cause of all things, which is not only the Absolute, Perfection and Eternity, but also the absolute Good. Only the absolute, eternal, perfect Original Causal Being, operating according to inconsistent laws, could initiate the eternal and perfect state called good, having nothing to do with evil. Of course, evil cannot also exist in His Personality and in His conception of the universe. So one of the main conclusions of essenceism is: God knows no evil. This statement is used to analyze most religious concepts that religious organizations present.

Eleventh: An important impulse for the emergence of essenceism were questions posed by scientists, which until now have remained unanswered. In addition to questions about the very fact of the creation of the universe, the existence of life in it and the appearance of man, there are, for example, questions about the appearance of so-called dark energy and its relationship with the probable existence of dark matter. Essenceism, therefore, tries to answer the questions of scientists, which may be answered in the distant future without taking into account the assumptions of essenceism.

Twelfth: Essenceism is constantly evolving. It is even the basic principle of essenceism. It is about constantly analyzing the latest scientific achievements and gradually incorporating them into the system as further research instruments needed to understand the Original Being, His actions and His achievements. It is a system that searches for and uses all significant achievements of science. The system also analyzes views that are ahead of time, but only begin their existence in the scientific space, i.e. at a hypothetical stage.

Thirteenth: Essenceism does not disregard revelations, visions and similar phenomena, which can be a sure sign of the existence of a state beyond time and space. Even if 90% of the testimonies about them were false, these 10% prove something. Especially the words and deeds of Jesus Christ cannot be ignored. The system notes that the unscientific "testimonies of the apparitions are abundant, and many of them have been researched and then verified." So far, they have been used most often by religious denominations. My system considers only the most reliable among them in its analysis.

Fourteenth: Essenceism proposes that theologians and philosophers use the research tools used in the system to re-examine their views.

Fifteenth: Essenceism is an open system, accepting the participation of all those who would like to join the study of the proper existence of the Original Being and the effects of its activities.

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 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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