Book 6 – Essenceism 6_ Unreal gods from this world

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This book uses an analytical system called essenceism to diagnose religion's responsibility for the moral state of our world. As the founders of this system, what worries me most of all is the lack of a positive reaction of the main religious denominations to the common evil. Essenceism pays particular attention to the situation where they are waiting for their gods to deliver salvation, instead of showing humanity's responsibility to eliminate evil. At the same time, research on essenceism has shown that important members of social life, such as politicians, businessmen, journalists or artists, are not able to determine their participation in the process of renewing the world to the state of good envisaged by the Creator. What pains me most is that religious leaders are failing in their efforts to renew the world. So I turned to ordinary clergy of the major denominations to familiarize themselves with my analytical system in order to have a platform for constructive discussion. However, the response was negligible. Being unable to remain indifferent to evil, I propose in this book an understanding of the present situation.

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 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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