Man and God

What are we living for?


For this,

to gain knowledge

to understand the good

to create beauty

to experience perfect love,

or make our dreams come true.

It is worth trying, reading the texts contained on this website, treat the universe as a giant good, beauty and object of dreams, and its Creator - God as a source of eternal love.

We also live so that, having accumulated "earthly" experiences, also in this eternal part of our lives it is possible to acquire new knowledge, create new forms of beauty in the universe and expand good, improving the universe's environment for future generations.

Thanks to this, we will be able to experience new states of love all the time.

The following is a list of topics in this section:

= Who is a man?


= Where and how should a man live?


= Man towards God


= Original nature in man


= Prefection for man


= Man in next life


= Fallen nature in man


= Is there not God among us?


= Man in the face of the fact that God does not know evil


= Idea of the perfect world


= Idea of one great human family


= Personal proposal about vision of God


= Creating imaginary gods


= Summary about the state of humanity










 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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"Essenceism 7 - Love from this and not from this world"- this publication later