Identity of personal evil - Satan


We easily accept that God is the Center of the ideal world, and at the same time it is difficult for us to admit that Satan is the center of our evil world. It is equally easy for us to say that God is the Master of Heaven, identified with goodness, and a little harder that Satan is the master of hell, identified with evil. In both the previous and present book on essenceism, however, I was not afraid to use the concept of Satan to describe the personal source of evil. My system was not made in fear of being accused of openly speaking about Satan. I could not worry about the fact that in the company of people of science should not talk about Satan at all, and about God only exceptionally as a possible First Cause.

Therefore, I can say without any resistance that Satan is a being who took the place of God, initiating a fallen world when the first people fell. I have already explained the probable course of events in the Garden of Eden, based on the symbolism deciphered by essenceism used in the Bible. This analysis, of course, was not scientific, but it was a logical reconstruction of the events that led humanity to separation from the Creator. It was also a reconstruction of the process of transformation of Lucifer's personality into the personality of Satan.

Both Lucifer and Satan are the names of the same spiritual being, but with two completely separate personalities, as if they were two completely different spiritual beings. The first, or Archangel Lucifer, as if frozen in life activities. For God, there is only the Archangel Lucifer who still has the nature of the originally created Archangel. He was appointed by Him to bring people to the level of God's perfect children. The other personality of this Archangel, called Satan, has only fallen nature, that is, he is a new, evil being, a being with whom God has nothing to do. The Creator who does not know evil creates things and beings for eternity. For Him, the Archangel Lucifer still holds the position of guardian of His children who once, as it was from the beginning His Will, will reach a state of perfection. It follows that a being called Satan works entirely outside of the reality in which God exists.


Satan's power over people stems from the fact that God gave him knowledge for people, giving him an advantage over God's children growing in the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, after his fall, Satan continues to illegally use this position, having stopped people's spiritual development at a level that allows him to continue controlling it. So we have an implanted fallen nature with which Satan has constant access to us. He appropriated our spiritual persons, which we receive originally from our Creator. Today, it is regrettable to say that we have not only God's primal presence, but we also have the nature inherited from Satan, called fallen nature. Evil permeates our personality, causing a constant struggle between good and evil.

I still meet people who say they believe in God but don't believe in Satan. In my opinion, this is a paradoxical and illogical situation. After all, the Creator brought all creatures to life, including the Archangel Lucifer. Satan is a transformed archangel who has fallen outside God's jurisdiction. He exists in the sphere of evil he has created, so he is still active among us. If you don't believe in him, then there is no point in believing in God. If we do not believe in the existence of Satan, while believing in God, we should blame the Creator for all the evil in our world. However, this should not happen in any case, because it has nothing to do with the facts.

According to explanations of some theologians, Satan is such a devil with a pitchfork, which sometimes tempts man to various types of sins, such as theft, sexual abuse or homicide. Another group of theologians maintains that he has already been definitely defeated by Jesus Christ on the universal level and that he only has an impact on our individual sins. At the same time, they believe that God watches over everything, who sees everything and protects us against evil. According to them, this enemy of humanity only disturbs Heavenly Father, and simply does not allow us to lead a peaceful life. Meanwhile, it is completely different. It seems that he rules the world in a veiled way, preventing our Creator from entering us. Of course, his power was largely limited by Jesus Christ, but this only applies to the spiritual world, and in particular the so-called paradise. Satan, however, retained his power in a certain sphere of the spiritual world, commonly known as hell. Unfortunately, in our physical world we still have actual hell, because Satan is still the master of our Earth. Only people supported by the Savior and angels can oppose him. The Creator remains outside Satan's civilization, and our contact with Him is only in the form of prayer.

We also have no direct contact with Satan. He always wants to hide his identity. He hides under various forms and adopts various "costumes". This fact has been repeatedly revealed by various documents of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions. Almost all of these studies are consistent in the fact that Satan does not want him to be believed. For example, in countless conflicts around the world, very rarely anyone sees his presence. Almost no one suspects that various forms of evil have their source in its action. Many misunderstandings and conflicts between people can actually occur under the influence of his actions. Of course, the fallen Archangel uses a huge number of his "direct subordinates," or fallen angels like him, sometimes called devils, demons or evil spirits. They are angels who witnessed events in the Garden of Eden, and thus became participants in the emergence of evil. Immediately after this event, like the Archangel Lucifer, they lost contact with God and entered a new reality called hell. It is worth adding that Satan can also perfectly use for his purposes the spiritual people who ended up in his sphere of the spiritual world after death. We call them evil spiritual persons.


I write these words so that people, knowing about the existence of Satan and about his presence among us, would try to see the manifestations of his actions and not give in to evil. It is difficult but possible. You do not need to be particularly surprised by the statements of people who make a mistake that it was Satan who tempted them to do it, because it may be true.

According to essenceism, the assessment of Christian religions that Satan is harmless after Christ's redeeming work is very wrong. Unfortunately, he is still dangerous to all humanity, and such a claim from Christian clergy teaches people indifference to the existence of the greatest enemy of humanity. Therefore knowledge about its existence is necessary to understand the current situation of our world.

Finally, I must quote the view that among the people themselves there is no strength for Satan. It is a pity that this is true. The only one who can defeat him is the Son of God. We have once had the opportunity to eliminate Satan from our world, but we did not recognize the Son of God in His lifetime, and what is worse we rejected Him by sending Him to the cross. Fortunately, His resurrection brought us significant knowledge about the possibility of victory over Satan. The next time we prepare the reappearance of the Son of God, we cannot make the mistake of two thousand years ago. Such a conclusion should guide every human being on Earth. For now, before we work out the possibility of His appearance among us, we should try to survive difficult moments in the world under Satan's control, eliminating evil on our personal level. It is worth remembering that we live in hell.
















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