Essenceism is a system of logical analysis of phenomena that originates from the sphere beyond time and space. It is a scientific and research system, not a religious one.

I created it to try to bring people to the concept of God as the First Cause by using scientific terms. In this way I would like to make people aware of eternity in themselves and give them a chance to learn about the spiritual world, that is, existing beyond time and space.

The main purpose of this work is to find answers to two basic questions that humanity has been asking for thousands of years:

Who is God and where is He located?

We should realize that for centuries we have been only us and God. It would seem that nothing should stand between us and him. It seems logical that there should be no barriers between Heavenly Father and the children He has brought to life.

And yet it is not ...

During the course of history, a large number of religious systems have been created that proclaim their right to mediate between God and people. And we still do not know if He certainly exists, who He is and where He is.

This work was created to help every man to stand alone in front of God; and now, in our lifetime.

Check if I succeeded...









 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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