Ideas of essenceism towards religion


Essenceism is not a religion.

It is not a cult.

It does not create any confession.

It is only a way to understand the Original Being, the eternal personality of man and the reality that surrounds us. It has his ideas about God as a Original Being, axiological ideas of good and evil, it has ideas about the work of Divine Providence, reincarnation, salvation and individual ideas of theology. All this creates a compact demonstrative whole regarding religion. Thus, in relation to religion, there is a set of analytical tools for studying phenomena related to the existence of the non-material sphere, and more specifically the reality beyond time and space.


In its research, essenceism tries to act as a scientific system.

The history of religion, especially those from the Middle East, is the story of turning around the biblical statement that God created man in His image and likeness. Because of this, God's vision was created in the image and likeness of man, or the imaginary God.

Long ago Judaism "shaped" God for their tribal needs and made Him Yahweh - an imaginary God of Judaism existing to this day.

Then the Christians, in their own way understanding the teaching and explanations of Jesus Christ, modified the "Jewish" God to their "Christian" imaginary God.

Then Islam further modified its tribal needs for God and made Him Allah - an "Islamic" imaginary God.


Essenceism speaks in the following ideas that theology deals with. Here are the ideas:

= Idea of the Heart of the Original Being (aspect of ontology)


= Idea of God's Laws (epistemological aspect)


= Idea of the existence of good (aspect of axiology)


= Idea of personal evil (aspect of axiology)


= Idea of free will (epistemological aspect)


= Idea of Divine Providence (aspect of methodology)


= Idea of responsibility (aspect of logic)


= Idea of the Divine Mercy (ethical aspect)


= Idea of Savior and salvation (aspect of methodology)


= Idea of reincarnation (aspect of methodology)


= Idea of duality (philosophy of religion)


= Idea of the end of the world (epistemological aspect)


= Idea of the perfect world (philosophy of religion)


= Idea of the one great human family (epistemological aspect)


= Idea of necessity to change knowledge about God (aspect of methodology).


= The most important questions of knowledge about God.


= The religious visions of God.


= The personal proposal about vision of God.


= Warming against the degradation of religion









ISTOTA - ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause

It is a system of logical analysis of phenomena beyond time and space. I created it so that, using scientific terms, try to bring people to the concept of God as the First Cause. I would like also to make people aware of eternity in themselves and give them a chance to get to know the world beyond time and space, that is, the spiritual world.... Full information can be found

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Essenceism corresponds to the questions: Who is God?; How is He?; Where is He located?  - this is the motto of this site.


 "God is not from this world – Essenceism" 

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