Ideas of essenceism towards philosophy


Essenceism is not a fully philosophical system in the typical sense of the term. Of course, it has his ontology, epistemology, axiology and other parts of philosophy, because it creates a compact illustrative whole. However, it is above all a set of analytical tools for studying phenomena associated with the existence of the non-material sphere, and more specifically the reality beyond time and space.

Essenceism speaks in the following theories:


= Special idea of being - ontology of essenceism


= General idea of being - ontology of essenceism


= Idea of cognition - epistemology of essenceism


= Idea of value - axiology of essenceism


= Idea of morality - ethics of essenceism


= Idea of reasoning - logic of essenceism


= Idea of beauty related to loeve - aesthetics of essenceism


= Idea of nature - the all things of univers idea in essenceism


= Idea of human origin - anthropology of essenceism


= The theory of knowledge acquisition - methodology of essenceism


= The theory of the existence of religion - philosophy of religion in essenceism


= Idealism and materialism toward essenceism









ISTOTA - ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause

It is a system of logical analysis of phenomena beyond time and space. I created it so that, using scientific terms, try to bring people to the concept of God as the First Cause. I would like also to make people aware of eternity in themselves and give them a chance to get to know the world beyond time and space, that is, the spiritual world.... Full information can be found

Attention! The original name of the system is Essenceism (by "s"), but in Polish website I use the Polonised version of the name of Essenceizm (by "z").Please see: - -   © Copyright by Janusz Mazur -

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Essenceism corresponds to the questions: Who is God?; How is He?; Where is He located?  - this is the motto of this site.


 "God is not from this world – Essenceism" 

 - this is the book created on the canvas of this website by Janusz Mazur