Principles and laws of the system


1. The principle of timelessness or eternity (timeless uncertainty) - this is the first of two fundamental attributes of the sphere beyond time and space.


2. The principle of unstructured (spatial uncertainty), in which there is nothing occupying any space or volume - this is the second fundamental attribute of this sphere.


3. The principle of the existence of the First Cause that fills the sphere beyond time and space and is the source of space-time. I defined this First Cause as an Original Being characterized by the lack of the beginning of the uprising, the absence of anything that could have been before Him, that is, existing from infinity.


4. The principle of the universal existence of primary energy - this is the uncertainty of the state of energy filling the sphere beyond time and space, and at the same time the definiteness of this energy in various forms, when it fills the space-time of the universe.


5. The principle of the existence of beings in the sphere beyond time and space. This kind of existence is a concentration of primary energy formed around a personality center with intelligence, will and emotionality. This should be understood as the definition of each of the entities residing in this sphere. They are separate beings that derive from the Original Being, created on his model.


6. The principle of perfection – every being pursues perfection based on the laws and principles of the Creator, and every spiritual being based on his intelligence, will and emotionality. Everything in which God is directly present becomes perfect.


7. The principle of the necessary sense of the existence of space-time. This means that space-time is a necessary place of development for full perfection for spiritual beings destined for eternal presence in the sphere beyond time and space.


8. The principle of omnipresence (uncertainty of the location of spiritual beings in their being). All spiritual entities residing in the sphere beyond time and space after achieving perfection are ubiquitous in it.


9. The principle of communication in the sphere beyond time and space (vision system). Any communication between beings existing there takes place through the intuitive transmission of the content of feelings or thoughts, although it can also in some cases take the form of visions taken from the material structures of the universe.


10. All laws and principles of functioning of the sphere beyond time and space originating from the First Cause are defined as all-available, necessary, eternal and good, that is, in accordance with the original assumption of the Creator.













ISTOTA - ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause

It is a system of logical analysis of phenomena beyond time and space. I created it so that, using scientific terms, try to bring people to the concept of God as the First Cause. I would like also to make people aware of eternity in themselves and give them a chance to get to know the world beyond time and space, that is, the spiritual world.... Full information can be found

Attention! The original name of the system is Essenceism (by "s"), but in Polish website I use the Polonised version of the name of Essenceizm (by "z").Please see: - -   © Copyright by Janusz Mazur -

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Essenceism corresponds to the questions: Who is God?; How is He?; Where is He located?  - this is the motto of this site.


 "God is not from this world – Essenceism" 

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