The assumptions and thesis of essenceism

Zalozenia i tezy

I assume, according to the concept of this study, that the First Cause had to be certain at first, and not an indefinite nothingness. I also assume that this initial state supplemented the presence of elements of intelligence, will and emotionality in it. I deduced this on the basis of "wisdom" and the coherence of all the laws of nature that surround us. Here I come to the attributes of the First Cause, which I treat as the Creator and I call Him the Original Being. From that moment I am beginning to talk about His Elemental Intelligence, Will and Emotionality, which I identify with His Knowledge, Goodness and Love.


I base my claim on the observation of human personality. I sense that we have inherited in our primordial nature the basic attributes of the God’s Personality, that is, His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality. Because of them, we need love, the need for knowledge and understanding of the universe, and the need for purposefulness and sense of all activities. Only this understanding, at least partially, will allow us to know the attributes of God, which I will define below in the form of specific Principles.


At my present level of understanding of God, I assume that His Personality is emerging from His Heart, which is the Center, the Source and the Cause of God's activity. In the "orbit" of this Heart, I imagine the existence of the fundamental attributes of the Creator. This means that we are dealing with the Absolute Intelligence, from which the Universe is derived, with the Absolute Will from which the Good and with the Absolute Emotionality from which the Love originates. In the Divine Personality we are following, they reveal themselves through the action of Omniscience leading to Development, the action of Good leading to Perfection and the action of Love leading to Unity and Beauty. According to my hypothesis, which I present here, these fundamental qualities have contributed to the emergence of all rules and laws that we know in the entire universe. It must be understood, however, that all of these qualities are a harmonized Unity. They are not separate and independent from each other inherent in the Personality of the Original Being. Such a distinction is needed only for our analytical way of thinking leading to a better understanding of the First Cause.









ISTOTA - ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause

It is a system of logical analysis of phenomena beyond time and space. I created it so that, using scientific terms, try to bring people to the concept of God as the First Cause. I would like also to make people aware of eternity in themselves and give them a chance to get to know the world beyond time and space, that is, the spiritual world.... Full information can be found

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Essenceism corresponds to the questions: Who is God?; How is He?; Where is He located?  - this is the motto of this site.


 "God is not from this world – Essenceism" 

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